A guide to resources we offer from screening to adulthood

We interact with over 2,000 Spanish-speaking constituents a year – via email, chat, phone calls, social media and live events. Through them we have seen that language barriers and racial and ethnic differences can lead to delays in receiving an autism diagnosis and in accessing related services. To help reduce this disparity, we are committed to providing support to our Hispanic community.


At autismspeaks.org you will find a tab, ¿Que es el autismo? which provides an introduction to autism. From there you can navigate to learn about early detection of autism and take an autism screening test. You will also find our Recursos en espagnola growing library of our Spanish-language resources. Some examples include:

Manual de los 100 Días helps parents make the best possible use of their days following their child’s autism diagnosis.

Manual de Defensa helps autistic individuals and their families advocate for services and supports they need.

Manual de Planificación Financiera provides parents tips on accessing financial support and planning for their autistic child’s future.

Guía de los Programas de Educación Individualizada explains the basics of how to get and develop an IEP to ensure your child is receiving the best possible education tailored to their strengths and needs.

Manual de Empleo provides tools and resources to help autistic adults find a job, interview and navigate the workplace.

Manual de Apoyos Residenciales y de Vivienda provides an overview of housing options, tips on searching the market and lists funding resources.

Additionally, we have a Financial Assistance Resource page that lists agencies and programs designed to support families affected by autism who need financial support.

Autism Response Team

We have five Spanish-speaking members on our Autism Response Team, our information line for the autism community. You can reach them through our dedicated Spanish-language toll-free number: 1-888-772-9050. It is open Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. in all time zones. Live chat is also available between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. ET. Or you can email them anytime at help@autismpseaks.org.

We are proud our ART members span the autism community. We have a self-advocate, parent and sibling among them. They are equally diverse in their experience, coming from backgrounds in early childhood development, counseling, psychology, education and customer service. Take a moment to learn a little bit more about Anabel’s role and Tony’s experience adulting on the spectrum.

Social Media

Voces Latinas de Autism Speaks is our Spanish speaking Facebook group to support parents and autistic individuals. Through this network, we share resources and experiences to build our community.

Listen to two of our live events here.

Recorrido por recursos en español

Nuestra asociada del equipo de respuesta Shira, estuvo realizando un recorrido por diversos recursos completamente en español a través de nuestras paginas cibernéticas. Los mismos han sido diseñados para ser de ayuda tanto para usted como su familia.

Introducción del Manual de los 100 días

El Manual de 100 días de Autism Speaks se creó para ayudarle a aprovechar al máximo los próximos 100 días en la vida de su hijo/a. Contiene información y consejos recopilados de expertos confiables y respetados en el autismo, así como de padres como usted. Miembros de nuestro Equipo de Respuesta estarán ampliando el tema y contestando sus preguntas completamente en vivo.

¡Acompáñenos para conocer más sobre el Manual de los 100 días!


Check out our Events page where you can see a full list of upcoming events as well as search for events  specific to your or your autistic loved one’s stage of life.


Coming soon: We are launching a new Spanish-language chat feature. You will be able to choose the Español option from the ‘Live Chat’ link on autismspeaks.org and find a direct link to the chat on our ¿Que es el autismo? page. You will be directed to one of our bilingual Spanish-speaking Autism Response Team members. For now, feel free to reach out to them using our ‘Live Chat’ link. ART is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm in all time zones.

Contact ART for questions or to be connected to additional resources. 1-888-772-9050 or email help@autismspeaks.org.

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