Our Impact

How we help.

Through collaboration and partnerships we:

86 cents of every dollar provides...

Ensure access to reliable information and services across the lifespan

  • Expand resources and empower people with best practice services
  • Bring autism education and inclusion to the forefront
  • Foster and amplify innovative autism work
  • Ensure culturally competent and accessible resources

Support research and innovation to improve quality of life

  • Bridge basic, clinical and social sciences to drive personalized health care
  • Increase federal funding in research and supports
  • Escalate research in challenging behavior, special care needs and aging process
  • Expand global open science infrastructure

Convene the work of service providers through advocacy, partnering and collaboration

  • Leverage our assets to expand access to information and supports
  • Partner with external experts to expand quality of care
  • Work together to address gaps and opportunities
  • Enhance support for those with challenging behaviors

Speed delivery of solutions for adult quality of life needs

  • Drive support for transition, housing and aging programs
  • Grow employer-demand side of Workplace Inclusion Now™
  • Promote inclusive, welcoming communities to enhance autistic adults quality of life
  • Expand resources for autistic adults and their caregivers

Promote diversity, equity, access and inclusion in all actions and partnerships

  • Engage the voice of autistic adults
  • Enhance Autism Speaks internal culture
  • Strengthen multi-cultural relationships
Championed $4.6B increase in federal research funding for autism since 2007
Raised over $311M by Autism Speaks participants to support the autism community
Piggy Bank
Invested over $218M in scientific grants and projects
Successfully advocated for autism insurance benefits in all 50 states
Administered a network of medical centers and academic facilities developing cutting edge clinical care for more than 500K children
Helped lead the world's largest genomic discovery about biology of autism spectrum disorder