Our Impact

How we help.

Increasing global understanding and acceptance

86 cents of every dollar

From grassroots dedication to award-winning public awareness campaigns and the United Nations passage of the World Autism Awareness Day Resolution, Autism Speaks works to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism worldwide.

  • World Autism Month initiatives shining a light on autism worldwide to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism
  • Collaborative Ad Council public service campaigns increasing autism awareness by over 50%
  • Social outreach sharing thousands of personal stories from the autism community

Being a catalyst for research breakthroughs

Autism Speaks scientific research projects, fellowships and collaborative initiatives deepen our understanding of autism and improve methods for diagnosing, treating and supporting people on the spectrum.

  • Helped lead the genomic discovery about biology of autisms
  • Oversight of collaborative Autism Treatment Network of leading academic and medical centers and significant supporter of early career scientists
  • Advocacy for increased federal funding of autism research and medical innovations legislation

Increasing early childhood screening and timely intervention

With collaboration, Autism Speaks continues to address areas of critical importance to children with ASD and their support systems.

  • Global Autism Public Health initiatives that address the needs of underserved populations worldwide
  • Telelearning opportunities and access to autism evidence-based risk assessment tools
  • Align with families, professionals, governments and advocacy groups in 70 countries to enable practical and effective delivery of care

Improving the transition to adulthood

Autism Speaks promotes the well-being, financial security and equal opportunity for adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum.

  • Promotion of legislative policy supporting successful transition to adulthood
  • Advocate for tax-preferred savings for disability-related expenses, including autism
  • Online resources enhancing all facets of adult life including education, employment, housing and community living

Ensuring access to reliable information and services throughout the life span

Autism Speaks empowers people with autism, their families and service providers through information and referrals.

  • One-on-one support for people with autism and their families through the Autism Speaks Autism Response Team
  • Funding to increase programs and services for people with autism and family support
  • Development and translation of vital information and resources from diagnosis through adulthood
Championed $3B increase in federal research funding for autism since 2008
Raised over $305M by Autism Speaks participants to support the autism community
Piggy Bank
Invested $155M in scientific grants, resulting in an additional $396M of funding from public sources focused specifically on autism
Successfully advocated for autism benefits covering 195M people
Administered a network of medical centers and academic facilities developing cutting edge clinical care for more than 500K children since 2005
Invested $155M in scientific grants resulting in an additional $396M of funding from public sources focused specifically on autism