Our impact

How we help.

Through collaboration and partnerships we:

86 cents of every dollar provides...

Ensure access to reliable information and services across the lifespan

  • Expand resources and empower people with best practice services
  • Bring autism education and inclusion to the forefront
  • Foster and amplify innovative autism work
  • Ensure culturally competent and accessible resources

Support research and innovation to improve quality of life

  • Bridge basic, clinical and social sciences to drive personalized health care
  • Increase federal funding in research and supports
  • Escalate research in challenging behavior, special care needs and aging process
  • Expand global open science infrastructure

Convene the work of service providers through advocacy, partnering and collaboration

  • Leverage our assets to expand access to information and supports
  • Partner with external experts to expand quality of care
  • Work together to address gaps and opportunities
  • Enhance support for those with challenging behaviors

Speed delivery of solutions for adult quality of life needs

  • Drive support for transition, housing and aging programs
  • Grow employer-demand side of Workplace Inclusion Now™
  • Promote inclusive, welcoming communities to enhance autistic adults quality of life
  • Expand resources for autistic adults and their caregivers

Promote diversity, equity, access and inclusion in all actions and partnerships

  • Engage the voice of autistic adults
  • Enhance Autism Speaks internal culture
  • Strengthen multi-cultural relationships

Stories of our impact

Jordan B. wearing a blue collared shirt and smiling for a selfie
Jordan B. | 27 years old
Finding these opportunities has provided me with a sense of self-worth and a sense of belief in myself.  
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Trey outside in the snow
When Trey M., 30, was first diagnosed with autism in 1995 at age 3, his family got straight to work finding information, therapies and supports that
Jeff smiling at an outdoor cafe
Jeff he was diagnosed with autism, epilepsy and global developmental delay at age 4. Through genetic testing, his family found that he has a genetic
Maria and her son Nazareno on the beach in winter
Click here to see how the World Health Organization's Caregiver Skills Training changed one family’s life for the better.
mother hugging child
In this Q&A, Carla shares how the Family ECHO sessions have helped her understand her son and develop strategies to help him learn and grow.
Meet Elfy A.
Elfy A.
Being able to help so many parents, work with my state representatives, share my son's history to help educate legislators and creating an extended family for my son with the Autism Speaks community.
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Keith Wargo's headshot
Click here to read an op-ed by Keith Wargo, CEO of Autism Speaks, on the lack of access to autism care, especially in the Emergency Room.