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Autism Speaks is committed to providing the autism community with resources to meet each person and family's unique needs throughout every stage of life. To help with your search for support, we have organized our resources, information, expert advice and personal stories by category.

Financial Planning | Safety | School | Technology
Health and Wellness | Behavioral Challenges | Medical Resources | Transition to Adulthood
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Special Needs Financial Planning

Resources to help you and your family plan for the future.
Financial Planning Tool Kit Cropped Cover
This comprehensive guide covers all of the critical topics related to planning for the future.
Learn more and organize your plans with this helpful app.
two people reviewing a document
A list of resources available to help people looking for financial support.


Resources to help keep you and your family safe.
First responder holding hands with children at a safety fair
The importance of life skills to promote safety outside the home.
A young man stands in front of his new home, surrounded by his family, friends, and carers.
Strategies to keep your family safe when at home.
child running by a lake
Tools to help you develop a multifaceted safety plan.

School Resources

Support you need to give your child the best possible education.
IEP Guide Cropped Cover
Make sure your child's IEP is as effective as possible.
School Community Tool Kit Cropped Cover
Increase understanding and acceptance at your child's school.
Advocacy Tool Kit Cropped Cover
Advocate for your child every step of the way.


Resources to teach you how to use technology most effectively.
assistive technology for autism, autism tablet
Follow this roadmap to learn how to use assistive technology devices for communication.
Advice from experts on making the best use of technology.
Patrick Vaillancourt holding up an iPhone
Learn how to use these devices as behavioral aids

Health and Wellness

Resources to promote a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.
Strategies to improve sleep in people with autism.
Ideas to help improve physical fitness.
Help with feeding and other eating-related challenges.

Behavior Challenges

Resources to help prevent and improve difficult behaviors.
Challenging Behaviors Cropped Cover
Strategies to support you during difficult situations.
Behavioral Health Treatments Cropped Cover
Information about behavioral treatments at home and in a professional setting.
ABA Guide Cropped Cover
An overview of ABA, its effectiveness and how to access it

Medical Resources

Resources to assist people with autism and additional medical needs.
Medication Decision Aid
Learn more about medication and decide if it is right for you.
Constipation Tool Kit Cropped Cover
Strategies to relieve constipation in children with autism.
EEG for Parents Cropped Cover
Help your child prepare for an electroencephalogram.

Transition to Adulthood

Transition Tool Kit Cropped Cover
This will help guide you on the journey from adolescence to adulthood.
Community Based Skills Assessment Cropped Cover
The CSA helps parents and professionals assess the current skill levels and abilities of students with autism beginning at age 12.
Allyson standing outside next to her mom, Lisa
Our Transition Roadmaps to Employment, Housing and Post-Secondary Education offer step-by-step guidance to help autistic teens plan for and reach their goals for adulthood.


Resources to help navigate adulthood with autism
Tips and tools as you search for a job that is right for you
A young man stands in front of his new home, surrounded by his family, friends, and carers.
Resources to help with the search for housing
Adult Autism Diagnosis Cropped Cover
Written by autistic adults for autistic adults

Family support

Resources to support family members of people with autism.
Parents Guide to Autism Cropped Cover
A tool to support parents after their child is diagnosed with autism.
Grandparents Guide to Autism Cropped Cover
Information and helpful strategies for grandparents in the early days and beyond.
Siblings Guide to Autism Cropped Cover
A helpful tool for brothers and sisters of children with autism.

Support in the Community

Resources to help support community integration.
Information about the importance of recreation activities.
blue horizons
Tools to help you and your family overcome travel challenges.
family dinner
Strategies to make dining at a restaurant a success.


A mix of other helpful resources.
Haircut Guide Cropped Cover
Help your child prepare for a haircut.
Information for before, after and during natural disasters.
holding hands
Resources to help support you or your child while experiencing grief

Need personalized support?

Our Autism Response Team (ART) is specially trained to connect people with autism, their families, and caretakers to information, tools, and resources.

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