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Finding the information you need to make informed decisions about you or your family’s future can be difficult. The landscape of services and supports for people with autism varies state by state, with some states providing better access to services than others. Local autism laws and policies also vary by state.

Knowing what support is available for people with autism in your area can make a world of difference. But often, this information is scattered in online databases and reports that can be hard to find and understand for the average person.

To get a full picture of how well states across the U.S. are serving autistic people, Autism Speaks created Autism by the Numbers in collaboration with the National Autism Data Center at Drexel University.

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Find services in your state

Autism by the Numbers is an interactive Dashboard informed by the needs of autistic individuals, families, advocates and policymakers to better understand what autism services look like across the country. This tool can help you learn about select autism services and policies in your state.

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How can Autism by the Numbers help?

For the first time, you can get a view of each select autism laws and policies, services and outcomes from each state in a single Dashboard. The Dashboard is organized by life stage and covers topics like:

  • Diagnosis
  • Special education
  • Healthcare costs
  • Vocational rehabilitation services
  • Employment
  • Local autism laws and policies
  • And more!

Whether you are considering a move or looking for data to help you advocate for better autism services in your state, Autism by the Numbers can help you find the information you need.

Autism by the Numbers resources

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Downloadable fact sheets with key information for each state
Autism by the numbers annual report screenshot
A report of all Autism by the Numbers data and methodology
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An executive summary of the most important findings in the Annual Report