Girl with autism shines singing holiday version of 'Hallelujah'

Be ready to be blown away by the voice of Kaylee Rodgers, a 10-year-old girl with autism who has gone viral singing a variation on Leonard Cohen&

What is epigenetics, and what does it have to do with autism?

Epigenetics helps us understand the interaction of genetics and environment in predisposition to autism
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Folinic acid improves communication, eases autism symptoms in small study

In a small pilot study funded by Autism Speaks, treatment with folinic acid – a naturally occurring form of folate – improved communication and eased
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Small study finds B12 injections ease autism symptoms in some children

Researchers say the results of their small study suggest that, in some children, methyl B12 shots may ease autism symptoms by improving DNA
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Top 10 autism research stories of 2015

Our understanding of autism deepened and broadened in 2015, with scientific publications on an unprecedented number of advances and discoveries. They
The cover of Nature Medicine features a beautiful image of crystallized DNA from Autism Speaks' MSSNG project

Largest-ever autism genome study finds most affected siblings have different autism-risk genes

Surprising finding makes cover of Nature Medicine; study data becomes part of historic first upload to Autism Speaks MSSNG portal for open-access
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Study: Gluten/casein-free diet doesn’t improve autism symptoms

A small, carefully controlled study found no improvement in behavior, autism symptoms, sleep patterns or bowel habits when children with autism were
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New evidence that pregnant women with autism need additional support

The first nationwide study of pregnant women with developmental or intellectual disabilities has found high rates of pregnancy complications including
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Autism Speaks Launches MSSNG Portal for Open-Access Genomics Research

Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, today launched the web-based portal for its MSSNG database, making the
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Researchers develop first autism symptom self-assessment for adults

A new test may be one of the first effective self-assessments for a core symptom of autism in adults.

Documentary shows autism dads need support too

This documentary is highlighting the perspectives of autism dads in our community! “Autistic Like Me: A Father’s Perspective” looks at the lives of
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Large study on parent age & autism finds increased risk with teen moms

The largest-ever multinational study of parental age and autism risk found increased autism rates among the children of teen moms and among children
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For kids with autism, supplements often result in nutrient imbalances

In largest study of its kind, Autism Speaks ATN researchers find too-high levels of some vitamins and minerals, not enough of others.
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No MMR Vaccine-Autism Link in Large Study

In a large study, researchers found no link between MMR vaccines and autism-even among kids considered at high risk for autism spectrum disorder. Read

10 Things to Know About the ABLE Act

The ABLE Act is built on the foundation of the current 529 education savings plans that help families save for college.  In the case of ABLE, families
Dr. Ned Sahin, CEO of Brain Power

How wearable technology could benefit individuals with autism

A presentation delivered by Dr. Ned Sahin, CEO of Brain Power, spotlighted the importance of transforming “wearables,” such as Google Glass, into
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