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Angels Books and More
Angels Books and More is a Bookstore Boutique located in Atoka, OK, featuring new & used books, clothing, jewelry, home décor, handmade soaps, accessories, and more! My daughter Shaye has always loved books. This store has always been a dream of hers and I'm blessed to share this journey with her.

Girl AGain Boutique
Girl AGain sells gently used American Girl dolls, clothes, and furniture. It is operated by Yes She Can Inc., a nonprofit organization that teaches and develops job skills for young women with autism. You’ll find a selection of dolls: the original dolls from the historical periods as well as My American Girl, Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins. We have new and used outfits for all AG dolls, as well as their furniture and accessories. Our merchandise changes daily.

Hopewell Valley Vineyards
Hopewell Valley Vineyards is a winery dedicated to the creation of handcrafted wines by blending Old World traditions with New World flair. Proceeds from the sale of our autism projects benefit autism research and intervention programs that ultimately assist individuals with autism achieve more independent, productive and happy lives. Our A team, which consists of employees with autism, works on projects including packaging kindling boxes, planting poplar trees, building wine boxes and more!

JT Firestarters 
JT FireStarters are the easy and inexpensive way to start a fire. The firestarters are made out of recycled materials by 2 adult men with autism. Daniel Toops, a 20 yr old man with autism is the co-owner of Just Toops, LLC and he makes JTFireStarters.

Three Little Monkeys 
Three Little Monkeys was formed to help provide sensory friendly toys for families of children and adults of special needs. All too often the words autism and toys equate to higher costs. At Three Little Monkeys we find all the same fun, stimulating toys at discount prices and pass that savings on to you. In addition, we are also a company committed to giving back. Three Little Monkeys provides employment opportunities for adults who might have unique needs. Every purchase made through Three Little Monkeys helps to create jobs for those who might not have been given an opportunity elsewhere.

Unintentional Humor - Inspirational Speaking & Humorous Books 
Grappling for years with her sons’ communication challenges, Linda Gund Anderson decided that the best way to help people understand language differences is to tell her humorous stories. Together with her son Brent, speech pathologist Andrea Mann, and talented cartoonist Alan J. Lewis, they brought to life what Brent visualizes when he hears figurative language. The result is the lighthearted, laugh-out-loud Unintentional Humor; Celebrating the Literal Mind™ books. Unintentional Humor™ provides a unique look into the mind of a young man with autism. Cartoons represent common expressions such as, ‘Under the Weather’, ‘Couch Potato’ and ‘Pig Out’ demonstrate the confusion that many people experience with figurative language. Filled with 85 true stories and 90 original cartoons Unintentional Humor™ is a great way to teach about the language barriers that result from autism, learning differences, and non-American cultures.

Ventures ATL
Beginning operations in June 2017, Ventures ATL is an Atlanta-based nonprofit whose mission is to provide meaningful, sustainable employment for adults with autism or other developmental differences. We do this by operating a portfolio of businesses that align with the skills and interests of our employees as well as providing needed services to commercial clients. Realizing the value of this untapped talent pool, we are helping to bridge the significant unemployment gap within the autism community. We have partnered with Dooney & Bourke to create a collection of Autism Awareness themed handbags to highlight the importance of this issue. Your purchase directly contributes to the employment of adults with autism who will pick, pack, and ship your order. Shop our beautiful collection!

[words] Bookstore
[words] Bookstore is a family-owned, independent bookstore in Maplewood, New Jersey. We are a social enterprise with a unique mission: "Engaging readers of all ages and interests; Welcoming patrons and employees with autism."  In addition to employing individuals with autism, we have had over seventy young people with autism work in our vocational training program.  Learn more and order books from us today!