Paintbrushes photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

Artfully Joe
Joe was diagnosed with autism at age four. He received support with speech as early as two and a half. When Joe began kindergarten he struggled to write and received occupational therapy. That early intervention was essential. It was at this point his love for drawing began. He has an amazing visual memory and can remember specific details that most people forget. At age ten Joe was diagnosed with epilepsy. This challenge did not stop Joe's desire to draw. He gained some direction and experience through a high school art class, a few summer classes and daily doodles in his journals. As many people on the autism spectrum, Joe has found a passion that is fueled by natural ability. Joe's high school experience was cut short due to epilepsy but he did officially graduate in 2019. In 2020, while COVID kept everyone at home, Joe and his mom designed an art studio out of a bedroom creating Artfully Joe. He is selling his remarkable ink and mixed media artwork.

The Autistic Tiger
Tiger is 10 year old and diagnosed with autism at age 18 months. At the age of 5, Tiger showed an interest in art and began drawing day and night. By 8, Tiger made his TV debut and began showing at Comic-cons, including NY Comic-con at 9. Tiger is known for being able to draw any cartoon character...upside down! In 2023, Tiger partnered with Autism Speaks to feature his character, The Autistic Tiger, on t-shirts at Walmart. Tiger is now painting Pop Art in acrylics. Tiger's videos have received millions of views and he currently has 78,000 followers on Instagram. At the online store for Tiger Villec, aka The Autistic Tiger-buy your favorite paintings, drawings, prints, merch or shirts.

Bittersweet Farm
The mission of Bittersweet, Inc. is to positively impact the lives of individuals with autism and those whose lives they touch. The goal is to increase autonomy and self-reliance, empower choices, maximize dignity, and encourage interaction through vocational, residential, community living, transitional school, and recreational programs. Bittersweet makes delicious, shelf-stable pesto products made with basil and arugula grown in the hoop houses. In addition, the Creative Arts Program allows individuals to create art and express themselves, while also reducing anxiety.  Examples of artwork include ceramic pieces, paintings, woven placements and table runners, jewelry, and fused glass.

Brian Watkins Gallery 
Hi, my name is Brian, and I am on the autism spectrum. Autism occurs in one of every 54 people. When you use my greeting cards, you are helping to support my talents and efforts at leading a productive life.

Epic Luis Art 
Epic Luis Art was founded 2013, by Luis Tirado with the help of his parents. Luis is a talented awards winner young artist with autism. Luis sells works of art and fun products with his art to help other young people with Autism. Epic Luis Art donates 10 percent of its profits to various non-profit organizations that help families affected by Autism. Epic Luis Art mission is to promote independence and help others on the spectrum. Luis wants to grow his business to hire people on the spectrum to discover their abilities and be independent.

Eyes of Faith
Derrick Freeman, is a self-taught artist with Autism. By the age of two, Derrick was completely non-verbal and art became his only form of communication. Over the years, art has been therapeutic in recovering his speech. To date, he has over 2,000 pieces of art. Derrick has been recognized in the state of Tennessee for his artistic achievements and for his community advocacy work for the Autism community including: recipient of the Arc of the Mid-South: Outstanding Artist and Performer Award and the Future Horizons Inc: Dr. Temple Grandin Award for Outstanding Success. Derrick has exhibited his artwork at Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and the Frist Museum, and he has been published several times in the Breaking Ground Arts Issue distributed by the Council on Developmental Disabilities in Nashville, most recently in February 2020. He also represented Knox County to design "Reflections of the Sunsphere" Christmas ornament under former Governor Bill Haslam. Derrick currently has a studio space at the Knoxville Emporium Center, where he sells his artwork and he also sells his artwork online.

Happy Autism
Samko Sibert is a non-verbal autistic artist that found his way of self-expression through art and beautiful creations that he pours onto the canvas from his pure loving heart. Samko started painting at the age of 12 as part of his art therapy classes at school and over the years he painted hundreds of beautiful paintings and has been featured in the media and found admirers and supporters from all around the world, including Hollywood actors Ben Affleck & Anna Kendrick who received his exclusive gift – a t-shirt with his art painting from Spectrum Collection. Ben Affleck played an accountant with autism in his movie The Accountant and found Samko’s t-shirt very “cool!”. “Expressing himself in art. So cool, that’s special, thank you very much!” Samko not only brings unique spark from his heart into the home of people from all around the world, but he also shows how incredibly unique and talented people on the autism spectrum are and what incredible things they can achieve.

Noteworthy Cards
These unique cards are created and assembled by students in Anderson Center for Autism’s art and vocational programs. Proceeds from the sale of Noteworthy cards directly support these vital student programs at Anderson Center for Autism.

Renewing the Renaissance 
Renewing the Renaissance was started as a way to support, both financially and spiritually, artists on the autism spectrum. The aim is to be able to connect our wonderfully talented artists with patrons to allow them not only to be able to sell their work, but to make connections with people that show the artists they are supported and their work is meaningful. Your purchase creates dignity, professional development, community and original artwork. By scrolling through our gallery, you can meet our artists and get to know more about them—their personal bios and the type of work they excel in creating.

Soul Studio (a project of Friendship Circle) 
The Dresner Foundation Soul Studio provides a place for adults with special needs to express themselves through creative exploration of the arts, while also learning a variety of vocational skills. Our artists are introduced to a variety of art making processes including; painting, ceramics, weaving, sculpture, photography and printmaking. Our goal is to continue to add new and exciting art media for our artists to explore. Our artists work independently in the studio, but have staff and volunteers available to help facilitate and guide them through the process. The Soul Studio artists design, create and sell their works of art in our Soul Gallery, and earn commission on the pieces they sell.

South Sculptures 
South is 18 years old and was diagnosed with autism at age 3. South began to sculpt and create clay figurines of characters from cartoons he watched at record speed with amazing accuracy. South does not look at his hands at all, only at a photo as he creates. 

Fun novelty products including wrapping paper, coffee mugs and T-shirts created using the unique artwork of local artists with autism. Artwork that makes you smile:) Portion of proceeds from each sale donated to grassroots Autism organizations.