Candles and Other Handmade Gifts

Candles photo by Lukas Langrock on Unsplash

Aspire Accessories 
Aspire Accessories is dedicated to teaching young adults with autism and similar special needs transferable business skills. The Aspire Artisans (Trainees) learn light manufacturing, retail, and customer service skills as they produce amazing products for sale and prove their capabilities and value in the community.

Beloved Bath
We founded Beloved Bath in order to provide meaningful employment for our children, and others, with autism.  We first met on the playground when our older children were toddlers. Years later, our younger sons, Justin and John, were diagnosed with autism within months of each other. The bonds of our friendship deepened as we dedicated ourselves to finding ways to help our children thrive and flourish. The idea for Beloved Bath was sparked when we discovered the magic of relaxing salt and lavender baths. The boys were more calm, centered, and happy after a soak. Justin and John enjoyed making the bath mixtures with us. Looking to expand on the sense of accomplishment the boys felt while creating soothing bath salts, we branched out into other products, all designed to elevate your day.

Big Al's Best

Big Al's Best was started by Joanna Jaeger to create an opportunity for her son, Alex, to have meaningful work and activities to fill his adult life.  Alex is a young man with autism who makes delicious toffee and creates greeting cards and artwork that features his beautiful calligraphy.

Blissful Seeds
Blissful Seeds creates jobs for individuals with autism. Individuals with autism make handmade soaps, jewelry, and artwork. Contributions to Blissful Seeds will allow autistic individuals to transform their lives and become active participants in their community, by creating job prospects specifically tailored for them, and supporting them to become successful. Whether small or large, your support can set them free; free to dream, free to give back, and free to be the people they deserve to be. Together we can make it happen!

Designs by Siri 
Designs By Siri’s vision is to help provide a meaningful and productive life for people with autism. Siri is a talented young lady among thousands with this condition. Shop beautiful jewelry and other accessories by Siri.

Doug Smith Pottery 
Everything in my shop was created by me on my pottery wheel here in the mountains of western North Carolina near Asheville. I take pleasure in bringing clay and color together to create useful, beautiful things for you to enjoy every day for a lifetime. My shop philosophy is simple: offer quality, functional handmade pottery with outstanding customer service.

Every Life Works 
The usable art products available through Every Life Works - scarves, towels, bags, table runners and wall hangings - are part of a model training and micro businesses powered by individuals with autism. Every time you purchase one of these items, you are helping create opportunities through which young people with autism are acquiring valuable life and work skills.

Extraordinary Ventures 
We employ young men and women with autism and other developmental disabilities. EV Gifts are truly “Gifts That Give” as each high quality product sold directly employs adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. We sell handmade products including candles and soaps, many holiday-themed.

Extraordinary Ventures New York (EVNY) 
Our employees make, package and sell candles and bracelets. Different candles and bracelets are presented in a range of colors, scents and creative packaging. EV Gifts has been a huge success at local craft fairs, farmers’ markets and private events. Our employees take pride in every step of the gift making process.

Food for Good Thought
Food for Good Thought offers vocational and employment services to individuals on the autism spectrum. Our services are highly customized and tailored to fit the specific needs of the person served. Products include a gluten-free cookbook, pizza crust mix, spices, body scrubs, soaps and dog biscuits.

Forever Glass
The purpose for Forever Glass is to provide employment for adults with autism while creating beautiful Keepsake Bowls from recycled glass. Each member of our team has opportunities to explore their individual talents and aspirations. The team participates in many aspects of running a business, including recycling, glass processing, production, shipping, computers and of course, designing. Every purchase of a Keepsake Bowl contributes to more of these awesome individuals being added to our team.

Lifestyles for the Disabled 
Visit our online Craft and Jewelry Boutique to browse products all created by the participants of Lifestyles. You can also visit the Lifestyles Apparel Design Studio where you can order apparel of all sizes and types and even customize the items with your own design.

Little Red Hen
Little Red Hen is a non-profit organization serving children and adults with developmental disabilities. Our Five Chico Retail locations provide employment at above minimum wage. Our retail and horticulture departments employ 150 developmentally disabled adults, supported through the sales of items. 100% of our sales/donations benefit quality programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, and other cognitive disabilities.

ScentsAbility is an organization that helps individuals with special needs learn job skills and be independent. We make amazing custom soy candles for ambiance in the home, baby showers, wedding gifts, or as party favors. Or use the mini-tin with custom logo as a calling card for your company or organization. "Lighting the Path to Independence One Candle at a Time!"

SEEDs for Autism
SEEDs For Autism was founded to fill the overwhelming need for a comprehensive program within the adult autism community that focuses on building self-esteem, social skills, and training towards meaningful employment. We sell jewelry, home and garden products, pet products and more!

Texas Made Soap 
Sophia, an entrepreneur on the spectrum handcrafts small batch specialty soap made with high quality fragrance, hand painted details and essential oils. 

“Yard” Work & More
The mission of “Yard” Work & More is to promote employment, leisure, social, recreation and housing opportunities to our members and other individuals in our community who have developmental disabilities. We hand make items including a candle line, cards, gift bags, key chains, jewelry, soaps, body scrubs, birdhouses, potpourri bags, scarves, homemade candy and more!

Yes We Can (The Pilot House) 
Yes We Can provides adults with special needs the tools, training, and work experience to run a successful business. Students will be designing their own greeting cards, calendars, apparel, and much more! Each gift is designed and packaged by the students at The Pilot House Special Needs Center.