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Shop a Little, Help a Lot - Online!

Autism Speaks is excited to share this list of companies and organizations committed to employing individuals with autism. Each of the businesses below has high quality products created by young adults and adults with autism that are available for purchase so you can shop for gifts and treats while supporting a great cause! 

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Sweets and Baked Goods
Candles and other Handmade Products
Animal Treats
Apps and Technology
Wine, Flowers and Other Products

Prefer to shop locally? Click here to find a list of local businesses employing people with autism!

Sweets and Baked Goods

Caro Clusters
Caro Clusters offers a variety of jobs for every type of ability.  From cooking to packaging to sales...this company provides a place for individuals to discover their unique talents and skills. The family recipe for this delicious treat was first created by Caroline's Grandmother and recreated by her mother as gifts for friends during the holiday seasons. These chocolate salty sweet confections became so popular, we decided to share them year-round. One bite and you will be addicted!

The Chocolate Spectrum
We are a family owned and operated artisan chocolate company. Our purpose is to offer delicious chocolate confections while also helping individuals with developmental disabilities. We accomplish this two ways:  By providing individuals with developmental disabilities training opportunities and by donating a portion from each item sold to various charities. When you purchase a box of our wonderful chocolates, we will send a donation to one of several different charities that we have selected.

Destination Desserts  
Destination Desserts is a St. Louis gourmet “social venture bakery”. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization, 100% of our proceeds support the nationally recognized Center for Head Injury Services. At Destination Desserts, we are committed to baking and serving the finest, best tasting desserts incorporating the highest quality ingredients available. The two main ingredients in everything we bake are love and dedication. We are also committed to making your holiday parties and gifts unforgettable. People love our edible gifts, which are prepared fresh daily. Consider our delectable cookies, cupcakes and other holiday favorites for your friends and loved ones, coworkers and bosses or teachers and coaches to show your appreciation this holiday season.

We are a new company based in Memphis, Tennessee, dedicated to bringing you products that empower young adults on the autistic spectrum. We are offering new solutions that meet the huge needs today. More importantly than giving them a job, though, is that we are giving them a place and purpose in our community. We currently sell dark chocolate almond toffee and apparel that features our logo.

Kando Bakery 
Kando Bakery is a small baking company whose mission is to provide meaningful employment for adults with autism and other disabilities in a fun environment that celebrates their uniqueness.  At Kando Bakery, we strongly believe that parents and their adult disabled children deserve a place that they can feel good about, a place where they can be active participants in their community. We see “ability” in the word disability. We bake gluten free snacks - cookies, bars, marshmallows and more. They are made by REAL people who love what they do. All of our products are made fresh when you place your order.

Miami is Kind 
We employ young adults with Autism and other disabilities while creating delicious traditional treats. Our first product line are Macaroons. We bake macaroons to employ bakers with autism /developmental disabilities. We started with two and doubled to four bakers in just two months of operation! Celebrate the pure ingredients of our macaroons: unsweetened sulfites free shredded coconut, sweet potato, egg whites, brown sugar and a blend of Californian almonds that will take good care of your KIND heart. And they are gluten free, casein free & trans-fat free! We ship them USPS 2-5 days to all the nation!

Seagull Bakery 
Custom-baked t'weets from Jacksonville Beach! Greetings from Seagull Bakery, an online bakery where everything is made to order! Peruse our menus, place your order, and voila! Your fresh goodies are delivered, picked up, or shipped. Seagull Bakery began in 2013 to employ, mentor, and teach those with autism while creating beautiful, high quality pastries. Master Pastry Chefs oversee production and product development, thus ensuring best practices and delicious goodies. Every item is made from scratch using the freshest, most local and natural ingredients. We also offer a tempting array of Gluten Free and Vegan items.

SMILE(R) Biscotti: Supporting My Independent Living Enterprise
Matt Resnik is a young adult with autism who created SMILE® Biscotti after his high school graduation so he could start supporting himself and saving for his own place to live. He's always loved baking and routine, which ensure consistent, high quality biscotti. The most important ingredients to SMILE's classic American-style biscotti are Matt and his co-workers, who also have autism or other 'special abilities.' Individually wrapped cinnamon vanilla, double chip, mocha magic and butterscotch bliss SMILE's are packaged with hand written notes of thanks, creating smiles long before the seals are opened!  Order online any time.  SMILE can bake, package and label biscotti to meet your party, event and gift needs. Replication plans are now underway and have started with the creation of SMILE® Biscotti DFW, where Jon and his family are leading Texas sales.

Sunflower Bakery
Sunflower Bakery prepares adults 18+ with learning differences through professional on-the-job training for employment in pastry, baking and related food industries. Sunflower Bakery is an exciting enterprise that combines skills training with actual work experience. Our mission is to prepare individuals with developmental or other cognitive disabilities for employment in baking and related industries through skilled, on-the-job training.


Artistas World
Artistas Café provides employment for high functioning adults with autism.  Proceeds from the Café support Art for Autism, our (501)(c)(3) organization that provides training and transition programs, art programs and resources to improve the lives of those touched by autism. We believe that with the right training, environment and support individuals with autism can discover for themselves their own talents and abilities and lead inclusive, independent and happy lives.  We sell exceptional coffee products, gift sets, tee shirts and more! All products are labeled, packaged and shipped by people diagnosed with autism.

Aspire CoffeeWorks
Aspire CoffeeWorks offers craft-roasted coffees while opening new horizons for people with disabilities. We are a partnership between Metropolis Coffee Company, one of the nation's top artisan coffee roasters, and Aspire, a non-profit leader helping children and adults with disabilities. Each time you enjoy our coffee, know that your purchase is helping children and adults with disabilities. 100% of Aspire CoffeeWorks' net proceeds benefit Aspire's life-changing programs for people with disabilities. Our coffee is always roasted to order, then packaged and shipped directly to you. We sell coffee, sweet treats, gift baskets, mugs and more!

Beneficial Beans  
Beneficial Beans is a social enterprise business where adults with autism can gain critical work skills and experience by working in our various locations as interns.  During internships, adults with autism gain critical, general employability skills that can be applied to any job.  Beneficial Beans sells a variety of gifts and coffee products and 100% of proceeds benefit adults with autism.

Dirt Coffee
Dirt is a non-profit coffee truck, based out of Denver, with a mission to train and employ young adults affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Founded in 2013, Dirt Coffee strives to change perspectives in hopes for a more sustainable future for individuals along the spectrum. We proudly serve locally roasted, organic and fairly traded coffee and espresso. Dirt's online store sells coffee, mugs and other goods.

Our Coffee with a Cause
By purchasing Our Coffee with a Cause you will be giving young adults with disabilities an opportunity for gainful employment. These young adults will be applying the label on to the bag of coffee, packaging, shipping and delivering the product. While more advanced young adults will be able to work with an assistant selling coffee using our custom designed iPad app. We currently offer our fresh roasted 12 oz. bags of coffee in the following options: 100% Colombian, Decaf, Organic, Pumpkin Spice, Hazelnut, Vanilla and Sumatra.

Candles and other Handmade Gifts

Autism Candles
Since 2006, the Autism Candles candle making project has advocated for inclusion and opportunity. Made by people with autism, each candle is hand labeled, hand poured and when purchased on Amazon each is packaged individually in a white box to easily gift wrap and includes tissue paper. Give the gift of richly scented soybean candle goodness, while supporting equal opportunity.

Believe in Abilities
Believe in Abilities is a company that is committed to employing individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Proceeds from the sales of Believe in Abilities treasures go to services, programs and groups that provide support for individuals with disabilities.  Patterns, creations, designs and assembling of Believe in Abilities treasures are provided by individuals with disabilities.  Our treasures are meant to remind us to believe in the abilities of ourselves and most importantly the unique abilities of others. Products include jewelry, candles, cups, t-shirts and more!

CC Soap House
Chase Chancellor is a pretty easy going teenager who happens to have autism. For some years his family has been looking for some activity that Chase could/would do with purpose and vocational possibilities. Fortunately, in his family and consumer science class, he got involved in making soap. He has always enjoyed pouring, mixing, and melting things, all activities involved in making soap. We were quite surprised at some of the first bars he made and brought home. One of his teachers (thanks Heather Fulmer) got us started on the path and after some months of experimenting with different methods and ingredients, CC Soap House is up and running. He uses the money he makes to buy his materials (no free rides here) and puts back what is left for something special.

Crafters For Life, LLC 
Crafters For Life, LLC was started in the spring of 2015 based on a skills program in the high school class of the owners' son. The goal is to take the skills learned in high school and translate them into paying jobs while providing a constructive reason to leave the house after aging out of high school.  We make a growing number of hand crafted items including coasters, key chains, scarfs and eye pillows. In addition to making the products, the young adults also go into the community to sell them which provides a level of socialization that is normally difficult to find.  As demand for our products increases we can tap into the list of individuals looking to get involved as well as expand to a growing number of adult day programs looking to partner with us to provide meaningful programming to their members. We wholesale to several retailers in the Philadelphia region and ship anywhere in the continental United States.

Extraordinary Ventures 
We employ young men and women with autism and other developmental disabilities. EV Gifts are truly “Gifts That Give” as each high quality product sold directly employs adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. We seek to help bridge the gap between education and vocation by providing communication structures and manufacturing skills that emphasize the strengths of our unique employees. We sell handmade products including candles and soaps, many holiday-themed.

Food for Good Thoughts
Food for Good Thought offers vocational and employment services to individuals on the autism spectrum primarily through The Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) or the Medicaid Waiver. Our services are highly customized and tailored to fit the specific needs of the person served including customized employment, job development, career exploration, supported employment, summer programs and more. Products include a gluten-free cookbook, pizza crust mix, spices, body scrubs, soaps and dog biscuits.

Harry’s Buttons at Easter Seals improves the lives and futures of individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other disabilities by providing employment opportunities. Since the inception of at Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago, we have employed more than 100 individuals and have made more than 300,000 products for 500 businesses. Our team is integrated into all aspects of business operations and receives individualized training with customized support. Every product created at at Easter Seals is an opportunity to achieve growth and independence. This team-oriented environment builds self-esteem and skill sets needed for future employment opportunities. Products include custom buttons, wine bottle charms, magnets and key chains, personalized pendants, bracelets and photo frames, greeting cards, invitations and more!

Have a Happy
Have a Happy is a belief. A belief that in every situation there is good. A belief that the simplest gesture or gift and a kind word can better anyone's day. Have a Happy was created to encourage others while creating employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum. Our goal is to provide fun and affordable merchandise to ensure ordinary moments are happy occasions. Have a Happy trademarked mugs, water bottles, t-shirts, totes and stationary along with affordable non-branded accessories. The place to get your daily dose of happy!

Lifestyles for the Disabled 
The mission of Lifestyles is to provide quality learning experiences that will enable all program participants, regardless of their present disabilities, to become productive members of society and live their lives with dignity and as independently as possible. Our goal is to create productive environments that promote individuality, inclusion, independence, and productivity in the program participant's daily program. Visit our online Craft and Jewelry Boutique to browse products all created by the participants of Lifestyles. All sales are used to continue to bolster the programs at Lifestyles! You can also visit the Lifestyles Apparel Design Studio where you can order apparel of all sizes and types and even customize the items with your own design.

ScentsAbility is an organization that helps individuals with special needs learn job skills and be independent. Our mission is to teach them how to punch in/out for their shift, how to use a cash register, stock shelves, alphabetize, count money, and how to use a computer to ring up a sale. Building a better future for individuals with special needs! We make amazing custom soy candles for ambiance in the home, baby showers, wedding gifts, or as party favors. Or use the mini-tin with custom logo as a calling card for your company or organization. "Lighting the Path to Independence One Candle at a Time!"

SEEDs for Autism
SEEDs For Autism was founded to fill the overwhelming need for a comprehensive program within the adult autism community that focuses on building self-esteem, social skills, and training towards meaningful employment. Our mission is to nurture and grow the spirits and skill of our clients with Autism Spectrum Disorders through education and job training that promotes work ethic, pride and success in an environment that is tailored to the client’s individual needs and comfort. Students at SEEDs are always creating new and interesting products which will be purchasable here as they become available. All proceeds are reinvested back into the programs to continue our ultimate goal of providing autistic students with the best possible opportunity to succeed. We sell jewelry, home and garden products, pet products and more!

“Yard” Work & More
The mission of “Yard” Work & More is to promote employment, leisure, social, recreation and housing opportunities to our members and other individuals in our community who have developmental disabilities. We fundraise to create inclusive opportunities in our local community by planning and funding classes for young adults to take at no cost to them or their families. We work to enhance the quality of life for our members by creating inclusive opportunities in the areas of employment, small group recreation, social and community events. We hand make items including a candle line, cards, gift bags, key chains, jewelry, soaps, body scrubs, birdhouses, potpourri bags, scarves, homemade candy and more!


Bittersweet Farm
The mission of Bittersweet, Inc. is to positively impact the lives of individuals with autism and those whose lives they touch. The goal is to increase autonomy and self-reliance, empower choices, maximize dignity, and encourage interaction through vocational, residential, community living, transitional school, and recreational programs. Bittersweet makes delicious, shelf-stable pesto products made with basil and arugula grown in the hoop houses. In addition, the Creative Arts Program allows individuals to create art and express themselves, while also reducing anxiety.  Examples of artwork include ceramic pieces, paintings, woven placements and table runners, jewelry, and fused glass.

Ella Skye Art 
Ella Skye Art was started by her mom four years ago when Ella was a first grader. Her classmates saw that although Ella can't communicate verbally very well, she is really good at drawing.  We sell calendars, cards and prints on line. Each card has Ella's story on the back, the title and year it was drawn. This year Ella's calendar was packaged by a local adult with autism who likes to collate. Our dream is to grow Ella's business so we can hire people from our autistic community and also have a studio space where they can spend time drawing, painting, doing crafts and having fun. We are trying to set the ground work for her future as an autistic adult. Spread autism awareness and smiles!

EytanArt is the inspiration of Eytan Nisinzweig, an artist with autism, who sees the purity in life and captures it with simplistic honesty, and his mother Susan Nisinzweig, a social worker committed to helping kids and adults feel accepted and respected in their homes, schools, communities and their world. Products include t-shirts, bookmarks, posters, notecards, tote bags, gifts and more! There are various designs to choose from and a new option to customize your EytanArt shirt or tote bag! Eytan also has a collection of posters, Give and Get R.E.A.L. with messages that are about reducing bullying and promoting respect, esteem, acceptance and love.

Sometimes individuals with autism are better able to express themselves in photographs than in words. The In-Focus Project was developed so that individuals with autism with an interest in the arts could take photographs throughout the community and provide neurotypical viewers with a small window of what they see as important in their world. This program gives the participants the resources and supports that they need to become competent visual artists. The In-Focus Project photographers have a voice through these photos, and thereby, whether verbal and non-verbal, they each gain a chance to tell their stories in photographs.

Jon's Art for Autism
Jon Lonon is a talented young artist with autism who paints and draws. He has a particular talent for creating beautiful designs. On his website, you can browse his beautiful artwork and buy note cards, prints, mounted or framed, simply and securely.

Noteworthy Cards
These unique cards are created and assembled by students in Anderson Center for Autism’s art and vocational programs. Proceeds from the sale of Noteworthy cards directly support these vital student programs at Anderson Center for Autism.

Renewing the Renaissance 
Renewing the Renaissance was started as a way to support, both financially and spiritually, artists on the autism spectrum. The aim is to be able to connect our wonderfully talented artists with patrons to allow them not only to be able to sell their work, but to make connections with people that show the artists they are supported and their work is meaningful. Your purchase creates dignity, professional development, community and original artwork. By scrolling through our gallery, you can meet our artists and get to know more about them—their personal bios and the type of work they excel in creating.

Fun novelty products including wrapping paper, coffee mugs and T-shirts created using the unique artwork of local artists with autism. Artwork that makes you smile:) Portion of proceeds from each sale donated to grassroots Autism organizations.

Animal Treats

Good Reasons 
Good Reasons is a dog treat company on a mission. Our mission is to produce quality products for your dog while offering consumers the opportunity to support those with disabilities. When you purchase delicious and healthy dog treats from Good Reasons, you are helping to provide jobs and opportunity for people of all abilities. We produce delicious, healthy and human-grade treats for our furry friends. We have a full line of treats sure to please any pooch’s palate. Only the finest, all natural, ingredients are used in our treats for our four legged friends. Our dogs are part of our families – why shouldn’t they get the same quality food as our human family? We believe they deserve it!

Waggies by Maggie & Friends
Waggies by Maggie & Friends is a non-profit dog treat company whose mission is to employ persons with intellectual disabilities.  Our all-natural, vet-approved treats are made with the finest ingredients and contain no preservatives.  We are a unique business that brings employees and volunteers together for the daily operation of producing dog treats.   Being part of the Waggies team empowers our employees to be successful in their work and active members of the community. A purchase of Waggies rewards your dog while supporting employment for members of the community who want to be part of the workforce.  It’s a winning combination!

Wags in a Bag
Wags in a Bag is dedicated to enhance the lives of our employees with brain injuries, cognitive and developmental disabilities while creating and servicing some of the best handmade, all natural dog treats available. We are committed to serve and support the needs of St. Louis area families whose loved ones needs opportunities to live their lives to the fullest. When you purchase our dog treats, the proceeds will help rehabilitate, train, and employ talented and hardworking individuals.

Apps and technology

Mammoth Scanning Company LLC
Mammoth Scanning offers our clients a means to have important documents scanned and electronically stored and then accessible through a proprietary online archive and retrieval system. Mammoth Scanning is a business owned and operated by Joshua C. Beytien. Joshua is an Eagle Scout and Entrepreneur residing in Dubuque, Iowa. Joshua has a diagnosis of Autism, yet his challenges do not define him. He is an articulate and intelligent young man motivated to build a business to support himself – rather than relying on State and Federal aid.

nonpareil Institute 
nonPareil Institute is dedicated to providing technical training, employment and housing to individuals who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We envision ever-expanding programs beyond our current technology focus, and expanding our campus model around the world, which will allow a lifetime of sustainability, fulfillment and purpose for adults affected with autism spectrum disorder. Our crew has developed an array of apps available for Apple and Android products! You can also purchase posters based on our apps, hand screened and signed by the development team that worked on the game!

The Specialists Guild: Contract Mobile and Cloud App Testing Services
TSG provides mobile and cloud app testing services including Functionality, Usability, Regression, Compatibility, and Test Case and Test Script Development at competitive rates with teams based in the US. We employ individuals on the Autism Spectrum recognized for their attention to detail, precision, focus, and strong technical skills. We can help you build a better product while providing meaningful and dignified work based on ability not disability.


Luv Michael
At Luv Michael, we create snackable, yogurt-friendly granola mixes using the finest locally-sourced, organic ingredients. Every bite delivers just the right amount of yum and crunch to give you a tasty, healthy way to get through your day. Each jar is hand mixed and packed in small batches by hard working individuals with autism who we like to refer to as our “Granologists.” By empowering Granologists with living wages and independent life skills, we are able to deliver a product that tastes good and does good too.

Poppin Joe’s Gourmet Kettle Korn 
Poppin Joe's is old-fashioned, homemade Gourmet Kettle Korn with amazing flavors that are always fresh, always tasty, always satisfying. Poppin Joe's Gourmet Kettle Korn was officially launched in April 2005 with Joe Steffy as the sole proprietor and was established to provide Joe, a young adult with DS-ASD, the opportunity to operate and manage his own business. Supported by a loving family, Joe's business continues to grow each year. Poppin Joe's Gourmet Kettle Korn can now be found poppin' at Walmarts, fairs, craft shows, car shows and events throughout Kansas and Georgia. In addition, Poppin Joe's is involved in raising funds for charitable organizations.


Reid's Gift, Inc. 
Reid's Gift, Inc. is dedicated to creating and maintaining high quality lives for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our entrepreneurs design, create, and sell one-of-a-kind hand-dyed silk scarves on Etsy. Each artist personally earns all proceeds from the sale of their products, thus learning creative, business, and money management skills in the process. Their scarves have been described as "gorgeous" with "beautiful detail."

Paper Clouds Apparel
Paper Clouds Apparel was formed to showcase the creative minds and artistic abilities of individuals with special needs while raising funds to provide financial support for special needs schools and organizations. We achieve this goal by selling t-shirts, hats and totes featuring artwork designed by individuals with special needs. Paper Clouds Apparel also hires individuals with special needs to package all of our sensory-friendly clothing. Fifty percent of the net proceeds from the sale of all merchandise is given to the cause we are promoting in each campaign. Choose the art, create your shirt and change a life!

Special Tees 
The mission of Special Tees is to provide training and employment to traditionally “unemployable” individuals and to operate a growing business dedicated to securing employment through training in a controlled, secure environment that understands the difficulties of daily functioning with a mental illness and/or developmental disability. Every penny earned over cost goes back into our program to better serve the mentally and developmentally disabled. Services include screen printing (both silk screening and digital printing), embroidery, tackle twill and ink sublimation. We can print and embroider anything and fill all of your merchandise needs…staff recognition, corporate promotions, team or company uniforms, giveaways and advertising items. Products include tee shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, shorts, jackets, towels, socks, bags, hats, jerseys and more!

Spectrum Designs
Established in 2011, Spectrum Designs is a non profit social enterprise specializing in custom apparel decoration with the mission of employing people with autism. Offering high quality screen printing, embroidery, in house graphic arts and a wide range of promotional items, Spectrum is devoted to being the fastest growing business of its kind. With its competitive pricing, commitment to quality and unsurpassed customer service, Spectrum has gained clients such as KPMG, Neiman Marcus, Autism Speaks and Facebook. Grounded in its vision of providing gainful employment opportunities, its integrated workforce earn at least minimum wage and its unique structure allows for people of all abilities to grow and thrive, both within the organization and beyond.

Spectrum Works 
Spectrum Works is an innovative social enterprise employment model born out of the idea that everyone deserves an opportunity to have a productive, fulfilling life. The vision of its co-founder Ann Marie Sullivan is to use employment to empower individuals with autism with the confidence and the skills needed to achieve a sense of independence, purpose and pride. Ultimately, the goal of Spectrum Works goes beyond paychecks and sustainability, it’s about raising awareness that individuals with autism can work and contribute to society. Give us an opportunity to create great products for your company.  Your purchase will not only help support jobs for individuals with autism…it will change lives! We do screen printing, embroidery, promotional products and we have thousands of items to choose from. All profits generated by Spectrum Works are used to fund its job training and employment programs for individuals with autism.

Two Cafe & Boutique 
THE TWO CAFE AND BOUTIQUE serves as the premier training and employment center for the TWO FOUNDATION with a staff that is comprised of business people and educators. We are bringing two worlds together to give our exceptional employees the preparation they need to be successful in their local work place. Our clients receive real life work experience in a fully integrated setting. At the TWO CAFE we have a rotating menu that serves farm to fork made from scratch food. Served by a fully integrated staff with mild to moderate exceptionalities. We promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle.  Every dollar spent will go towards the TWO FOUNDATION'S mission.

Urban Amir
Urban Amir is an online retailer of t-shirts, accessories, and artwork for those with Autism and other disorders who want to show the world they are more than their disabilities. I am Not My Disability. I am Me.


Unintentional Humor - Inspirational Speaking & Humorous Books 
Grappling for years with her sons’ communication challenges, Linda Gund Anderson decided that the best way to help people understand language differences is to tell her humorous stories. Together with her son Brent, speech pathologist Andrea Mann, and talented cartoonist Alan J. Lewis, they brought to life what Brent visualizes when he hears figurative language. The result is the lighthearted, laugh-out-loud Unintentional Humor; Celebrating the Literal Mind™ books. Unintentional Humor™ provides a unique look into the mind of a young man with autism. Cartoons represent common expressions such as, ‘Under the Weather’, ‘Couch Potato’ and ‘Pig Out’ demonstrate the confusion that many people experience with figurative language. Filled with 85 true stories and 90 original cartoons Unintentional Humor™ is a great way to teach about the language barriers that result from autism, learning differences, and non-American cultures.

[words] Bookstore 
[words] Bookstore is a family-owned, independent bookstore in Maplewood, New Jersey. We are a social enterprise with a unique mission: "Engaging readers of all ages and interests; Welcoming patrons and employees with autism."  In addition to employing individuals with autism, we have had over seventy young people with autism work in our vocational training program.  Learn more and order books from us today!

Wine, Flowers and Other Products

Girl AGain
Girl AGain sells gently used American Girl dolls, clothes, and furniture. It is operated by Yes She Can Inc., a nonprofit organization that teaches and develops job skills for young women with autism. You’ll find a selection of dolls: the original dolls from the historical periods as well as My American Girl, Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins. We have new and used outfits for all AG dolls, as well as their furniture and accessories. Our merchandise changes daily.

Hopewell Valley Vineyards
Hopewell Valley Vineyards is a winery dedicated to the creation of handcrafted wines by blending Old World traditions with New World flair. Proceeds from the sale of our autism projects benefit autism research and intervention programs that ultimately assist individuals with autism achieve more independent, productive and happy lives. Our A team, which consists of employees with autism, works on projects including packaging kindling boxes, planting poplar trees, building wine boxes and more!

JT Firestarters 
JT FireStarters are the easy and inexpensive way to start a fire.  The firestarters are made out of recycled materials by 2 adult men with autism. Daniel Toops, a 20 yr old man with autism is the co-owner of Just Toops, LLC and he makes JTFireStarters.

Roses for Autism 
Roses For Autism is a social enterprise whose mission is to foster meaningful employment and personal success for individuals with Autism.  To accomplish this, we grow and sell a variety of fresh cut flowers within an inclusive dynamic business that employs individuals with Autism and supports transitioning students.  Proceeds from flower sales fund scholarships and programs for career training; Discover Learn Work!  Individuals who participate in these services gain valuable work experience and develop professional and social skills leading to meaningful employment and personal success! Purchase our roses, lilies, gerberas and other arrangements, as well as gifts such as ties, floral wreaths and more!

Do you know of any businesses that you think should be included on the list? We would love to hear from you. Email us at!