Resources for Autistic Adults

Supports for all areas of life

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With an estimated 1 in 45 adults in the U.S. with autism, it is important that there are effective resources and services to help them live productive lives. 

We continue to work to identify solutions to address the diverse needs of adults with autism. Among them: 

Below you will find even more to assist in all facets of adult life. 

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Need help finding a job that's right for you?
Ashton takes inventory at the NIH Project SEARCH site
Improve your career readiness
Learn about the benefits of inclusive workplaces
A group of adults working in a kitchen pose together
Support autistic adults during their employment journey

Housing and Community Living

Find help as you search for housing and support options that fit your needs.
We hope to make this often-complicated journey as simple and successful as possible for you by giving you the tools you need to make housing choices.
questions to consider
It's best to begin by asking some basic questions about the specific types of supports and services the individual may need, and by considering his or her abilities, interests and preferences.
A young man stands in front of his new home, surrounded by his family, friends, and carers.
Here are some important life skills to learn to remain safe in the community.

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