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Workplace Inclusion NowTM (WIN) is a workforce development program with high impact. It is your solution for doing right by all and doing well.

Because of a high rate of co-occurring conditions and intersectional identities, autistic adults often represent multiple marginalized groups. Therefore, promoting inclusion of autistic adults through WIN is one of the most effective ways to solve other inclusion and well-being problems in your workplace.  

A key component of WIN is online training courses, including several designed in collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University Autism Center for Education (VCU), a national leader in developing knowledge and research-based practices to support individuals with autism spectrum disorder so they can lead quality lives, including at work. Each course is designed to raise awareness around differences in thinking and communication styles and to provide strategies and support to building inclusive workplaces.


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Meet Robert and Layne Varnedoe – Lee Container

WIN Success Story: Lee Container

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Aspiritech Training
Aspiritech, a software QA testing firm near Chicago, IL, provides training and employment for adults who identify as having high-functioning autism.
Robert Varnedoe, Josh Cobbs, Senator Chuck Grassley and Arianna Esposito at Lee Container
U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley joined Autism Speaks and Lee Container President Robert Varnedoe to discuss employment opportunities for autistic people.