Only 20% of people with disabilities, including those with autism, are employed, despite having the skillset and desire to work. We have a solution for that. Workplace Inclusion NowTM (WIN).

WIN is Autism Speaks workforce development program for employers, job seekers and community members committed to promoting diversity in hiring and creating an inclusive workplace culture in which not just autistic adults, but all employees can thrive.  

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Create inclusive workplaces
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More about WIN

A key component of WIN is online training courses, including several designed in collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University Autism Center of Education, a national leader in developing knowledge and research-based practices to support individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Each course is designed to raise awareness around differences in thinking and communication styles among those with autism and related conditions and to provide strategies to build inclusive workplaces.

WIN is part of Autism Speaks commitment to Delivering Jobs, an inclusion campaign with Special Olympics, Best Buddies and the Entertainment Industry Foundation, to create 1 million pathways to employment and leadership opportunities for people with autism, intellectual and/or developmental differences. 

Meet Robert and Layne Varnedoe – Lee Container

WIN Success Story: Lee Container

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