I Am Autism

Since our founding, we have worked hard to accurately portray the wide range of experiences one may have with autism, and unfortunately, sometimes we have missed the mark. There are things we did years ago, that due to our deeper understanding of autism today, we would never consider doing now and for that, we apologize.

The I Am Autism video is in no way reflective of the Autism Speaks of today

The video was posted in 2009 and removed shortly thereafter. We do not share or distribute it. I Am Autism has been a great regret in the history of our organization, and we deeply apologize to those who we have offended with it.

We have shifted our messaging away from the negative, fear-based narrative in the video. Today, we are focused on celebrating the strengths, talents and contributions of autistic people while also acknowledging the challenges they and their loved ones may face.

We work closely with our autistic employees and members of the community to ensure the content we are sharing is respectful and represents the diverse experiences and perspectives of people across the full spectrum.