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Autism Speaks puzzle piece

Why is the autism symbol a puzzle piece?

The autism puzzle piece originated as an autism symbol in 1963, when it was developed to raise autism awareness—long before Autism Speaks was founded in 2005. While it is something we still use today, we regularly seek feedback and input from those within the autistic community to make sure Autism Speaks is reflective of the widest range of autistic individuals people and their family and friends as possible.

The puzzle piece, with its current spectrum of colors, is meant to be representative of the spectrum of perspectives and experiences autistic people may have. We believe that our updated, more colorful puzzle piece represents inclusivity and optimism as we look towards a future of progress for those on the autism spectrum.

We support the community no matter what color they decide best represents their position on the spectrum.

Director of social media and self-advocate, Eileen Lamb, talks about our position around the puzzle piece