Behavioral Resources

Behavioral issues are very common among children and adults with autism. Understanding behavior and responding to it in a positive way can help you overcome some of these challenges. 

Behavior Challenges

Resources to help prevent and improve difficult behaviors.
Challenging Behaviors Cover
Strategies to support you during difficult situations.
Behavioral Health Treatments Cover
Information about behavioral treatments at home and in a professional setting.
ABA Guide Cover
An overview of ABA, its effectiveness and how to access it

Parents Ask, Experts Answer: Challenging Behaviors

Over the years, parents have sought answers from experts to questions about their child's behaviors. Below is a sampling of helpful responses from some of the best professionals in their field:

My child is sometimes aggressive, what can help?

Parents seek help for son with autism and recurring behavioral crises

Mom perplexed by toddler running back and forth shaking things

Family in remote area seeks autism treatment guidance

Can ABA affect a teen on the mildly affected end of the spectrum?

Toilet Training Help

Toilet Guide

Many children with autism have difficulty learning to use the toilet. The Autism Speaks ATN/AIR-P Toilet Training Guide can help. 

In addition, the blogs below from child development experts can help make potty training your child easier for you:

Learn more in the Toilet Training Guide here.


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