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Calls to Action

Joint Statement On Mercury from Autism Speaks, Cure Autism Now and the National Alliance for Autism Research

JULY 6, 2005 -- Every 20 minutes, another family receives the devastating news that their child has autism, a lifelong neurological disorder that impairs cognition and communication, as well as social and motor behaviors. Autism has reached alarming rates, today affecting one in every 166 children.

Current research indicates that autism has a strong genetic component and may be triggered by environmental factors. Mercury, including the preservative thimerosal, is among the environmental factors currently under scientific investigation. Cure Autism Now (CAN), Autism Speaks and the National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR) will support and fund research that investigates all theories surrounding potential causes of autism, including whether there is a link between mercury and autism, and we invite researchers to submit proposals in this area.

NAAR, CAN and Autism Speaks are dedicated to uncovering the biology of autism and developing effective biomedical treatments through research funding. Together, our organizations are guided by an uncompromising passion to understand this complex disorder and hasten the discovery of a cure.

-- Bob Wright, Board Chair, Autism Speaks
Grandparent of a child with autism

-- Sallie Bernard, Board Chair, Cure Autism Now
Parent of a child with autism

-- Prisca Chen Marvin, Board Chair, National Alliance for Autism Research
Parent of a child with autism