Autism Speaks rings the NASDAQ stock market closing bell for World Autism Month

April 5, 2024

This afternoon, Autism Speaks was honored to participate in the NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony. In honor of the occasion, Brian Harper, chairman of the Autism Speaks Board of Directors was joined with a group of autistic people, families and caregivers, and Autism Speaks staff members to raise awareness for World Autism Month.

Group of people at the NASDAQ closing bell

“As a parent of a son with autism and as the chairman of the Board at Autism Speaks, I have deep pride in the work we are doing to give anyone with autism the support and opportunities they deserve,” says Mr. Harper. “So far, we've connected 27 million people to vital resources like early diagnosis, adult transition support and employment training—always free of charge. Our vision to help autistic people reach their full potential is what drives the work we do each day.”

This World Autism Month, Autism Speaks is fearlessly standing for a world where autistic people are celebrated and have the opportunities they deserve. No matter who you are, you can stand with us and help us change the lives of people with autism and their loved ones.

Visit to learn how you can support the autism community and sign the pledge to #ActFearlesslyForChange.

View the Closing Bell Ceremony on the Nasdaq website.