Autism Speaks CEO Stands with Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy

December 9, 2023

As the CEO of Autism Speaks, I am deeply saddened by the hurtful and harmful language on social media directed at Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy who chose to support our cause--a decision inspired by his daughter's autism. This incident highlights the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding autism in our society and is symptomatic of the polarized world in which we live—resulting in a broader breakdown of kindness and compassion towards one another. This must change. Autism is a part of many people's lives. We must strive for a world where individuals with autism and their families are met with support and understanding, not mockery and insult.

Our mission at Autism Speaks is to create an inclusive world for all individuals with autism throughout their lifespan. We stand in solidarity with Luke Getsy and his family, and commend his courage in supporting a cause close to his heart. This incident only strengthens our resolve to fight for inclusion, understanding, and acceptance for all those affected by autism.