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Gosmile Lemonade Smile Toothpaste On Sale At Saks, Sephora, Nordstrom

Retailers Rally Around First Beauty Product Ever to Raise Money for Autism Speaks

GoSmile lemonade toothpaste

NEW YORK (January 17, 2006)- GoSMILE(tm) "lemonade smile" toothpaste is now on sale at prestige and specialty retailers nationwide, including Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom.

Lemonade Smile is a new whitening protection fluoride toothpaste and the first beauty product of its kind to raise money for Autism Speaks, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of autism and to funding autism research.

Recipe for Success

The flavor for lemonade smile was inspired by a new, motivational book called "Who Invented Lemonade?," written by GoSMILE COO and co-founder Josh Shaw after his run on this season's hit NBC reality show The Apprentice. "Who Invented Lemonade?" is an inspirational story for people of all ages and provides a simple tale for overcoming life's obstacles to achieve greatness. The story's main character, Billy, learns invaluable life lessons about embracing the challenges he faces, in essence, turning lemons into lemonade.

"Who Invented Lemonade?", which is loosely based on Shaw's own childhood experiences and includes a forward written by Donald Trump, is available at,,, or by calling 1-877-8-SMILES.

"In my own life, I've learned that it's not the challenges we face, but how we face the challenges," said Shaw. "Positive perception is paramount to success, and overcoming obstacles is within our control. It's simply a matter of choice." This book is designed to raise people's consciousness to the notion that success-both personally and professionally-involves taking risks, keeping an open mind and realizing the power of intention and perspective.

"I hope that 'Who Invented Lemonade?' will inspire people to see they have a choice in every situation," continued Shaw. The choice to have a positive perspective is theirs." Through "Who Invented Lemonade?" and lemonade smile toothpaste, GoSMILE plans to raise awareness and funds for Autism Speaks across the country. "We also believe in the choice of giving back," explained Shaw.

"Every day thousands of families affected by autism choose to make lemonade from lemons with their advocacy, commitment and action," said Alison Singer, senior vice president of Autism Speaks, who met Shaw during a taping of The Apprentice. "Autism Speaks is very fortunate to have advocates like Josh and the team at Go SMILE. This opportunity will not only raise vital funds to support autism research, but will also help shine a bright light on autism, which now affects 1 in 166 people."

Smile Power

Lemonade smile whitening protection fluoride toothpaste is formulated with naturally-derived hydrated silica to polish away surface stains; white cranberry powder which helps prevent adhesion of bacteria to teeth and gums that can lead to periodontal disease; and sodium monofluorophosphate (fluoride) to help protect against tooth decay. Essential oils of lemon deliver an uplifting sensory experience designed to encourage adequate brushing-for the recommended two minutes.

It joins GoSMILE's other toothpaste offerings, including am morning rush and pm nighttime therapy whitening protection fluoride toothpastes. Like its predecessors, lemonade smile toothpaste is a critical step in GoSMILE's comprehensive smile beauty program which includes GoSMILE ADVANCED formula B1 and GoSMILE daily tooth whitening maintenance-designed to whiten and maintain the beauty of your smile.

Suggested retail pricing:

1 oz travel size tube: $5
3.5 oz full size tube:$16
Who Invented Lemonade? $10.99


GoSMILE(tm) launched in 2002, pioneering an entirely new category at retail called Smile Beauty(tm) -- elevating the concept of oral care by fusing it with fashion and beauty. Today GoSMILE offers a comprehensive smile beauty regimen to whiten and maintain your smile on-the-go and without sensitivity. GoSMILE products, which include GoSMILE ADVANCED formula B1, GoSMILE daily and GoSMILE whitening protection fluoride toothpastes, are sold at more than 250 retailers worldwide. GoSMILE is also available at and by calling 1-877-8-SMILES.


Autism Speaks is dedicated to increasing awareness of the growing autism epidemic and to raising money to fund scientists who are searching for a cure. It was founded in February 2005 by Suzanne and Bob Wright. Bob Wright is Vice Chairman and Executive Officer, General Electric and Chairman and CEO, NBC Universal. Autism Speaks and the National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR) recently signed a memorandum of understanding to combine operations and bring together two of the leading organizations dedicated to accelerating and funding biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments and cure for autism spectrum disorders; to increasing awareness of the nation's fastest growing developmental disorder; and to advocating for the needs of affected families. To learn more about Autism Speaks, please visit


Autism is a complex brain disorder that inhibits a person's ability to communicate and develop social relationships, and is often accompanied by extreme behavioral challenges. Autism spectrum disorders are diagnosed in one in 166 children, affecting four times as many boys as girls. The diagnosis of autism has increased tenfold in the last decade. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have called autism a national public health crisis whose cause and cure remain unknown.


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