Meet Jack D.

A journey of patience and progress, not perfection: Jack D., 19

He's got such a sense of humor. It doesn't take a lot to make him laugh and when he laughs - the whole world laughs with him.


As anyone with a connection to the autism community can tell you, the spectrum is wide ranging and impacts people in various ways – families and loved ones included. In Jack D.’s case, his autism journey is one of ups and downs that continues to take him and his family on winding roads into the unknown, marked by small victories and percurrent setbacks. But one thing remains consistent, the unshakeable love and support of his parents, Mona and Gary, the unbreakable connection with his brother, GT, and their unyielding determination to help Jack reach his full potential.  

Jack’s larger-than-life personality and huge smile, love for the outdoors – particularly long walks along the shorelines of New Jersey – and his desire to master important life skills makes his World Autism Month feature profile a must-watch!  

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