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Local Resources

We encourage you to visit the Autism Speaks Resource Guide to research thousands of services in your state, which can be narrowed by category and zip code in your search. If you are a provider, organization, group or independent consultant who provides services and/or supports to the autism community, we invite you to submit your service listing for the guide.

Autism Speaks has over 40 Tool Kits available for individuals, families, educators and more. From the first 100 days of the diagnosis to adult services, there are tool kits for many common concerns, including challenging behaviors, blood draws, getting a haircut, toilet training, sleep issues, feeding problems, employment and so much more.

Through the Autism Speaks Pittsburgh Chapter, we are fortunate to have connections to a number of local providers and resources. You are welcome to email or call us at any time, and we are able to answer your questions at the local level, we certainly will. Autism Speaks also has an Autism Response Team who are available to answer questions about services, programs, IEP regulations, legal rights and more, as well as connect you with people who have “walked in your shoes.”