Autism Research Series – ‘Discovery to Solutions’ – coming to a town near you

Autism Speaks invites community members to local presentations on new advances in autism research, featuring senior members of our science staff and local researchers

October 17, 2018

Autism Speaks invites the public to free local presentations of its “Autism Research Series: Discovery to Solutions,” featuring Chief Science Officer Thomas Frazier and other senior members of the Autism Speaks staff. Together with local autism researchers, they will explore important new scientific advances in support of people with autism and their families.

All the events will include “town hall” style discussions with panelists and audience members.

The Autism Research Series is open to all, with a special welcome to people with autism and their families, researchers, educators, clinicians and policy makers, in addition to members of the local community

“Autism Sp​eaks is committed to being a catalyst for life-enhancing research with a special focus on near-term solutions for people with autism,” says Dr. Frazier. “As part of this commitment, we are pleased to join local autism researchers and community members to explore the important implications of the latest findings.”

Autism Speaks launched this highly popular series of research discussions in 2017. The 2018 tour included more than 20 cities. It wraps up in Cinncinnati, Nov 28 (follow the link for free registration). 

Missed your town's presentation? Watch Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer Tom Frazier's recent "Discovery to Solutions” presentation in New York City...


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