Improving the transition to adulthood

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Autism Speaks is committed to helping people with autism and their families navigate the journey from adolescence to adulthood. Every year an estimated 70,000 autistic adolescents age out of school-based services. Many lose access to critical supports and services as they enter adulthood. We continue to work to identify solutions to address the diverse needs of adults with autism and create opportunities to live life to the fullest.

Here are a few of our FY21 accomplishments: 

  • Developed an integrated employment system, Workplace Inclusion Now TM (WIN), to support job seekers with autism, communities and employers committed to building a positive workforce culture and improving meaningful employment opportunities for autistic people.
  • Reached nearly 1 billion people with messages of employment and inclusion through radio and TV for the Delivering Jobs campaign which is dedicated to creating 1 million pathways to employment and leadership opportunities for people with autism and other disabilities by 2025.
  • Implemented a state advocacy priority to lower the required age to begin transition planning from age 16 to 14. Campaigns focused on Alaska, California and Nebraska.

Meet members of our community who share their experiences navigating the transition to adulthood.

Chade K
Chade` K. | 30 years old
As a volunteer advocacy ambassador, I work with my assigned representative to increase autism awareness and advocate for legislation like the Autism CARES act.
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Spectrum Spotlights: Meet Helen P.
Helen P. | 26 years old
Because of my autism, my life has been very meaningful. It’s helped me be more creative as a writer, pet photographer and artist.
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Autism Speaks Spectrum Spotlight
Chase T. | 20 years old
Being on a spectrum means I do and see things differently from others.
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