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Help build a better future for people with autism

By becoming an Autism Speaks corporate supporter, your company or organization is helping to improve the lives of millions of people living with autism while engaging with your customers and employees in a meaningful, relevant way.

Supporter Benefits

Make a measurable difference 

At Autism Speaks, 86 cents of every dollar we receive helps funds programs and services to increase understanding and acceptance, advance ground-breaking research, increase childhood screening and interventions, help young people transition to adulthood, and ensure that our community has access to reliable information and services across the life span. Our work is possible because of companies like yours.

Engage customers and drive sales 

We work closely with our partners to ensure programs are well supported and easy to implement to meet your business goals, culture and customer needs, 

Reach key audiences  

Our dedicated staff work with you to enable a customized experience that meets your philanthropic and marketing goals.

Inspire employee pride and team-building 

Nine out of 10 employees report enhanced pride when their company commits to a worthwhile cause that helps families in their communities.