Questions to Consider in Developing Your Child’s Draft IEP

IEP Guide

August 30, 2018

When developing your child's IEP with your team, there are several things to consider to make sure he or she is getting the best possible education. Below is an excerpt from Individualized Education Program: Summary, Process and Practical Tips, a tool kit created for Autism Speaks by Goodwin Procter, LLP.

Classroom and Peers

  • Should my child be in a mainstream or special   education class? Both?
  • Should he/she be partially or fully mainstreamed?
  • What transition plan should be in place for   mainstreaming?
  • What type of special education class would be    ideal?
  • If special education is appropriate, what are the    educational classifications and cognitive and   maturity levels of fellow classmates?
  • How many other students should be in the   classroom?
  • How old should the other students be? What range   of skill level should they have?
  • What extracurricular activities should be   available?
  • How far is the class from home? What distance   am I comfortable with?
  • What type of classroom or behavioral or   teaching support(s) and accommodations my child   needs to be supported in the least restrictive   environment (whether in a selfcontained,   mainstream, or hybrid inclusion classroom)

Class Content

  • What specific topics do I want in the curriculum?    What don’t I want?
  • Are there specific known programs that would    work for my child?
  • Will my child take any statewide assessment   exams? What accommodations will be necessary?

Related Services

  • What specific support services does my child need?
    • Transportation
    • Development services
    • Corrective services
    • Artistic services, art therapy
    • Music or dance therapy
    • After school or weekend services
    • Assistive (augmentative) technology and consultative support
    • The “transition services” point should add a parenthetical qualifier: “(generally at age 14 and older)”


  • What specific measurable goals are appropriate?

Transition Services

  • What services does my child need to be ready to (consider if appropriate)…
    • Live on his/her own?
    • Go on to higher education?
    • Work?

Read more about the initial IEP meeting and other steps in the IEP process in the Autism Speaks IEP Guide.

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