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Grants for Environmental Epidemiology of Autism Projects

June 06, 2012

Autism Speaks has opened grant applications for research projects on the environmental epidemiology of autism. The grants aim to promote collaboration among researchers in this area and encourage multidisciplinary approaches to study gene-environment interactions in autism spectrum disorder. The information gained from these studies will provide guidance in understanding risk factors that may be modified to alter the risk of autism.

The proposals should capitalize on existing datasets, involve more than one researcher or expert in the area and include a specific plan on how to communicate the research findings to the media and to the autism community. 

Research teams must include at least one member of the Environmental Epidemiology of Autism Research Network (EEARN). (For more on EEARN, see Ryan Butler’s recent blog post.) Award recipients will collaborate with other EEARN members through meetings, teleconferences, webinars and data sharing activities.

More details and instructions for applying can be found in the RFA here. For information on all open grants, see Open Grants & How to Apply.