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Autism Speaks Announces New Funding Initiative

Grants For Researchers Studying Early Intervention Strategies
September 12, 2007

Autism Speaks is proud to announce a new funding opportunity for researchers studying early intervention strategies for children at risk for developing autism. This new funding initiative reflects the mission of Autism Speaks to fund scientific research into the treatments of autism spectrum disorder, providing researchers with resources in order to help those affected with autism.

Previous studies have indicated that the best way to treat autism is to intervene as early as possible. In order to further develop and study possible early intervention paradigms which may improve the developmental trajectory of those at risk for developing autism, Autism Speaks has initiated an innovative funding mechanism to support those who study autism even before it is officially diagnosed. The goal of this initiative is to develop the earliest potential diagnosis and to identify evidence-based interventions that can be evaluated in broader-scale clinical trials.

Through the generosity of Autism Speaks supporters, the level of funding for these awards has been increased from traditional pilot studies and fellowship programs. Each research award will be for a period of up to 3 years in an amount not to exceed $200,000 per year for a single site study, $300,000 per year for a two site study and $400,000 per year for a multi-site study. All investigators and researchers who study early intervention and treatment paradigms in children younger than 24 months of age are encouraged to read the request for applications on the grants website by clicking here (PDF).