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Policy on ORCID Integration with Autism Speaks Science Grants System


Autism Speaks has entered into a partnership with the non-profit organization, ORCID. ORCID’s mission is “to create and maintain a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers.” This collaboration is intended to benefit both Autism Speaks as well as our many funded investigators. The use of unique online identifiers will allow for our investigators to disambiguate their work from that of others, to maintain an online record of their research accomplishments across their careers, and hopefully to reduce the administrative burden when interacting with multiple funding and publishing agencies by utilizing a single identification system. With limited, authorized access to our grantees’ ORCID profiles, Autism Speaks will benefit from an improved grants administration and reporting process as well as improved tracking of return on our research investment.


For new applications, Autism Speaks requires all principal investigators and mentors to register with ORCID to obtain a unique online identifier and to allow Autism Speaks limited access to their ORCID account. This authorization permits Autism Speaks to update your funding record and to monitor your research progress via publications, presentations, etc. Applications without ORCID accounts for the key personnel listed above will not be reviewed. Existing grantees and reviewers also are encouraged to register with ORCID. To register, simply sign in to the Autism Speaks Science Grants System. A link to create or authorize an ORCID identifier is located on the page as described in the Help document listed below.


ORCID Website
Autism Speaks Science Grants System
ORCID Help Document (revised 02-07-2017)