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How to Participate

In 2007, Autism Speaks established the Parents as Partners Family Resource Guide. This resource was designed to provide families affected with autism details on local caregivers, physicians, speech pathologists, respite workers or any other service that may be of benefit. As part of the Family Resource Guide, a list of local research projects is included.
To find a research project in your area, please visit the Family Resource Database found at
Once there, click the state in which you live, and browse through the various resources and research programs that have been suggested to us by other families, researchers and scientists. Many of these research projects involve studies of infant siblings.
In addition to the Family Resource Guide, Autism Speaks supports the Interactive Autism Network. This is an online registry of over 20,000 people who are affected with autism, parents, siblings, and children. It provides an interactive environment where families can list their concerns, answer questions about their child's symptoms and treatment protocols, and learn from eachother from "real time" results.
Please visit the IAN research page at to join the registry.
Once you are registered, you will be notified of local research opportunities in your area which will not only benefit your young infant with autism through intensive behavioral care and continuous interaction with trained clinicians, but will provide the research community with valuable information.