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Implementing Evidence-Based Practices: Capacity Building in Rural Alaskan Communities

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United States

The Alaska Autism Resource Center (AARC) proposes to provide training and support around implementing culturally relevant, evidence-based practices for individuals with autism in rural and remote areas. The Autism Speaks Community Grant will aid in providing training in key areas (i.e. Social/Communication Skills, Transitions, and Behavioral Supports) to the individuals, families, Para educators, and community members who were born and raised in largely Alaska native villages as opposed to continuing to concentrate training efforts on special education teachers who tend to come into the village and stay a very short length of time before leaving and taking that knowledge base with them. This is a capacity building project that will generate in depth knowledge about autism and evidence-based practices in these communities. It will rely on the strength of the AARC's staff members and their expertise in the area of autism but, most importantly, in the area of native culture and tribal values. This is the key to building a community of learners who will want to continue learning and educating others even after this project is over.