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Schroders is committed to continuing to build diverse teams of individuals who work together to bring insightful perspectives to their clients. Schroders and Autism Speaks will help further this pledge by creating environments where everyone can be themselves and express their ideas freely. Late last spring, Schroders voted to award Autism Speaks with a grant supporting the Workplace Inclusion Now (WIN) ™ program - creating opportunities for people living on the spectrum, providing invaluable wrap-around support, and increasing awareness and understanding where people live and work. Together, Schroders and Autism Speaks will work to educate, equip, and empower people with autism by giving them and their families the tools, resources, and support they need to obtain and retain a meaningful job.  

Together Schroders and Autism Speaks will bring WIN to the New York and New Jersey autism communities- engaging both potential employees on the spectrum and employers to create opportunities, stimulate understanding, and build autism-aware workplaces. 

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