Executive Leadership Council

Autism Speaks is dedicated to creating an inclusive world for all individuals with autism throughout their lifespan. We do this through advocacy, services, supports, research and innovation, and advances in care for autistic individuals and their families.

Engaged and committed leadership volunteers working nationwide are vital to achieving this mission. Executive Leadership Councils are integral in raising funds, growing new relationships, and advancing Autism Speaks’ mission objectives. Council members are high-caliber leadership volunteers who partner with staff to move the Autism Speaks’ mission forward.


The Executive Leadership Council aims to advance Autism Speaks' mission and income goals in key markets nationwide. Aligned with the organization's nationwide business plan, the ELC allows members to lead revenue-generating initiatives and partner on priority programs and advocacy efforts.

The ELC structure allows volunteer leaders to collaborate on key initiatives and support staff in identifying, recruiting, and cultivating community influencers. ELC members serve as representatives of Autism Speaks at the market level and play a key role in connecting Autism Speaks to new individual and corporate relationships.

Members are influential leaders who possess diverse skill sets, experience, and perspectives, and are strongly committed to the mission of Autism Speaks and the autism community. ELC members reflect the professional, geographic, and ethnic diversity of the market they serve. With this diversity as a foundation, the ELC provides strategic counsel and support to ensure the broad reach and success of the mission-delivery and fundraising efforts of Autism Speaks.

Current Members

Michael Hartley, Swing State Strategies
Sam Pines, Good Karma Brands
Joseph Mileti, Orthopedic One
Colette Mileti
Mark Ulrey, Flyers Pizza
Jerod Smalley, NBC4 WCMH-TV
Jacquie Wynn, Nationwide Children's Hospital
Erin Nealy, Bridgeway Academy
Lannie Davis Frecker, Julie Billiart Schools

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