How wearable technology could benefit individuals with autism

September 26, 2014
Dr. Ned Sahin, CEO of Brain Power

Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, hosted more than 25 first spouses and dignitaries from around the world for the Seventh Annual World Focus on Autism to foster support for the international autism community. Participating nations discussed how innovation is turned into action -- an effort led by Autism Speaks to raise autism awareness worldwide and improve services across the lifespan. Data suggests that autism affects approximately one percent of the global population. 

A presentation delivered by Dr. Ned Sahin, CEO of Brain Power, spotlighted the importance of transforming “wearables,” such as Google Glass, into assistive devices for individuals with autism. “Through technology, we can rewrite the future of autism and bring hope to families around the world,” said Dr. Sahin. “We need intervention. It’s not enough just to measure. We need to help children get beyond the challenges and learn to be self-sufficient.” Distinguished guests at the event were wearing Google Glass throughout the event and their photos were displayed on screen. 

Several dignitaries in attendence were given the chance to try out Google Glass prior to the event with the help of employees from Google. Autism Speaks co-Founders Bob and Suzanne Wright, wore Glass throughout most of the event.