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New Diagnosis Resources

The time following a diagnosis of autism can be overwhelming. You likely have a lot of questions and concerns about what lies ahead. You may feel relief that your suspicions have been confirmed, denial over something you didn’t expect, anxiety about your future, the list goes on.  Whatever it is you feel, know that thousands of people with autism and their loved ones share this journey. You are not alone. Autism Speaks is here to help.

Autism Response Team

Now that you have the diagnosis, the question is, where do you go from here? The Autism Speaks Autism Response Team can help guide you through this difficult time and connect you with important resources, as well as services in your area. The Autism Response Team can be reached by email at or by phone at 888-288-4762 (en Espanol 888-772-9050).

100 Day Kit for Newly Diagnosed Families

Autism Speaks has also developed age-specific resources for those newly diagnosed with autism and their families. For parents and caregivers, the 100 Day Kit was created to help you make the best possible use of the next 100 days in the life of your child. It contains information and advice collected from trusted and respected experts on autism and parents like you. Sections include: Getting Your Child Services, Treatment Options, a Week-by-Week planning guide and more.

Two separate versions have been developed for young children (under 5) and school age children (age 5-13). Order a hard copy or download the kit for free today.

Is it Autism and If So, What Next? A Guide for Adults

If you are a young adults or adult and suspect you may have autism, or have been recently diagnosed, Autism Speaks has a tool kit for you as well. Is It Autism and If So, What Next? will help answer your questions and guide you in the right direction once you have received a diagnosis.

Sections include: Strengths and Challenges, Legal Rights, Disclosure, stories from others diagnosed as adults and more.

Order a hard copy or download the kit for free today.

Autism Speaks Resource Guide

For services in your area like early intervention services, mental health providers, private schools, social skills groups, vocational programs, etc., visit the Autism Speaks Resource Guide and search your local area.

Tool Kits

Autism Speaks has created over 40 tool kits to help you on topics ranging from challenging behaviors and toilet training to financial planning and the transition to adulthood.

View a list of our Tool Kits here.

Search the Families and Adults section of our website here for additional resources.