Tips for a successful Facebook fundrasier

Ideas to help you reach your Facebook fundraising goal

Facebook fundraiser

Facebook has made it so easy to raise money for a cause you care about. Following a few simple steps you can create your fundraiser. There are even no fees when fundraising for a nonprofit so every cent that you raise goes directly to Autism Speaks.

Try starting fundraisers in honor of a special time of the year like a birthday, a major milestone for your child (or a little victory), Giving Tuesday or just because!

Here’s some tips to make the most of your fundraiser (and have FUN)! 

Start your fundraiser!

Make It Personal

Write about your personal connection to autism or why your are supporting Autism Speaks. Then upload a "cover photo" that goes with your story. 

This will let your Facebook friends know why you are supporting the cause and inspire them to donate and help you hit your goal! 

Facebook Fundraiser Step 2 story

Say Thanks

When a friend or family member donates, be sure to reply to their donation and thank them. You can even add a GIF to your message to make it fun.

Facebook fundraiser thank you

Post updates

Make a Facebook post with updates on your goal to update your friends who donated and remind those who haven't yet that their is still time! Add a selfie to the post to make it more fun. 


Go LIVE on Facebook to talk about why you started a Facebook fundraiser and why your friends should donate.

Facebook live

Can't donate? Share!

If your friends can't donate, then ask if they will share your fundraiser with their friends.

Facebook donation tools
Thank you for supporting Autism Speaks. Start your Facebook fundraiser todayRegister for your local Autism Speaks Walk and start a Facebook fundraiser for your Walk team!

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