Moms and grandmas share their stories to promote understanding and acceptance of their children

May 1, 2019

Thousands of moms and other mother figures have submitted pictures and stories to our World Autism Month Mosaic to help increase understanding and acceptance of their children and other people with autism around the globe. Here is just a sample.

Angelica WAM

My beautiful daughter, Ave was diagnosed with autism at age 5. Since then, she continues to blossom academically and socially thanks to her hands-on team of experts and peers. With me as her team captain and #1 advocate, she'll always have top-notch support. Continue to spread love and awareness because every month is Autism Awareness Month. - Angelica

Lori WAM

I was told that God chose me to become a mother to twins because I was capable. And again when I became a single mom then when 3 were diagnosed. I don't think God chose me because of my strength but chose me to give me strength. There's nothing I'd change about them or our family for anything. I'm truly blessed! - Lori

Darshelle WAM

I am happy to be the mother of a teenager living with Autism. She is the most creative and caring being I’ve ever met. I wouldn't trade her if we had the choice to. I believe that people with Autism must be nurtured and shown empathy. Take your time with these individuals and they will shine! - Darshelle

Anissa WAM

This is my grandson (Aaron)....2 years old and has Autism. My goal as his grandmother is to educate, support and share with everyone I come across about Autism. I LOVE my grandson and I will forever wear blue for #TeamAaron. - Anissa


This is my son, Barclay. Barclay is almost four years old. He has ADHD and ASD. As his mother, I pledge to help him burst through the ceiling of his disabilities into the universe of his abilities. - Amy

Melissa WAM

I choose to #liub for my daughter Torrie. At 16 years of age she has surpassed all of my goals for her in her life so far. She is caring, kind, loving and smart. She is different but never less. My hope is that she realizes all of her accomplishments are only because she never gives up. Some days are good and others are bad but she has the most incredible way of not letting those bad times cloud her vision of what she wants to accomplish. My heart, my life, my joy! - Melissa

Zachary WAM

Zak is my son and is 26 years old. He is the sweetest person and would give you the clothes off his back. I love that he can one moment be so adult like and the next like a 10 year old. He works in sheltered employment and I couldn’t be happier. Our favorite nickname for him is Captain Autismo. Our lives and hearts are full because of Zak. 

AriAnna WAM

Renata is 2 years old and was diagnosed with ASD at 18 months. She is a very smart girl.  Every day we learn something new, both of us.  She is our shining star, so brilliant that sometimes it blinds, a ray of autism. She is a little fighter. She perseveres and accomplishes all her wishes. To know her is to know something beautiful, she is wise beyond her age. she is full of honesty and when she loves, she does it big. - AriAnna

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