How One Home Depot Store Stands Out

Every April, Joseph from The Home Depot puts a little extra into the light displays.

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This Q&A features Joseph who works at The Home Depot. Every April, he puts extra effort into displays at the store to spread awareness. We wanted to catch up with the man behind the displays.

What does World Autism Month mean to you?     

World Autism Month is a great platform to shout out autism awareness to all. A lot of great local events are held bringing people together to share information. Personally, I see it as a springboard to direct focus on my family, friends, and neighbors who are on the autism spectrum.  It allows us an opportunity to do our small part to support our community through sharing our knowledge and experiences from the roads we have traveled and are currently traveling. By raising awareness for autism, we will eventually increase the acceptance levels in our communities and job markets.  

What is your connection to autism?   

I have a family member on the spectrum.

Tell us more about what it means to you to have an employer, The Home Depot, that champions autism awareness and acceptance.  

The Home Depot is a great company to work for with excellent core values devoted to supporting our communities The fact that The Home Depot supports the Autism community makes me feel so good I look forward to each April (World Autism Month) when I can try to help drive this program.

Autism awareness display at The Home Depot

Tell us more about your custom displays! When do you start planning? 

I tend to start thinking about a display in January and speak with other associates to get their input because autism affects so many of us at our store.  I will usually start to build something in early March and set it up the last week of March so that customers can start buying their bulbs.  Each year we get many customers thanking us for supporting autism, and then they will tell us a little bit about a loved one who is living with autism.

How have your designs evolved over the years?

My displays have evolved over the years from different display tables to hanging lights, to now a free-standing 6ft tall ribbon with puzzle pieces and blue lights.  All of the displays have always included signage shouting out that April is Autism Awareness Month. We also provide small fabric ribbons to our associates to wear, and we will have a couple of days where we will wear shirts to show our support for all of our associates who are on the spectrum or with family members on the spectrum.


The Home Depot brings brightness to the autism community by selling their specially packaged blue light bulbs for supporters to Light It Up Blue in celebration of World Autism Awareness Day and World Autism Month. The specially marked blue bulbs are available throughout all Home Depot stores in the United States beginning in early March.

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