Autism Speaks Grantee Recipient Story: River City Inclusive Gym

Autism Speaks supports community programs that provide people with autism with fulfilling social and educational experiences through the Autism Speaks Local Impact Grant program

River City Inclusive Gym, a recipient of our Local Impact Grant, shared their story:

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River City Inclusive Gym is a nonprofit organization that supports individuals with disabilities through fitness and fun. The gym is set up into 4 unique workout zones and each zone is set up in as an obstacle course. Our athlete’s workout via obstacle course format similar to a “Ninja Warrior” program.

Currently have 200 individuals enrolled in the program and 60% (120)of these individuals are on the Autism Spectrum. Additionally, the Autism Society of Central Virginia meets here monthly with their social groups and takes a class. Each person that is enrolled in the program gets their own 1:1 coach that can help adapt activities and or schedule to meet individual needs.


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The grant we received from Autism Speaks allowed us to offset the cost of hiring qualified new staff members. Because we were able to hire more staff, we were able to increase the amount of classes and support we could offer to individuals with Autism. As of April 2022 we held 15 weekly classes for 125 individuals. Currently we hold 32 weekly classes for 200 individuals ages 2-40+ (120 of these individuals are on the Autism Spectrum). Due to the grant from Autism Speaks our budget increased and we were able to greatly increase our capacity to serve those in the Autism community. We are truly grateful for this support.

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