Autism Speaks Grants for Service Providers

Autism Speaks supports community programs that provide people with autism with fulfilling social and educational experiences through our Local Impact Grant.

We will begin accepting applications for our 2022 grant cycle on Friday, April 15th!

The Local Impact Grant supports programs that demonstrate a high ability to:

  • Reach a wide age range of individuals on the spectrum 
  • Provide a measurable impact on the lives of those who participate and their families                                                                 
  • Replicate best practices with other organizations in their community, state, or region within the following categories of service delivery:           
    • Education and training
    • Recreation/community activities
    • Summer camp scholarships
    • Sensory equipment/supportive technology
    • Young adult/adult services

For more information regarding this grant process, please check out our applicant tutorial slides, applicant guidebook, volunteer reviewer tutorial slides, or email us at


  • April 15th: Application opens  

  • May 16th: Application closes  

  • May 23- June 17th: A group of volunteer reviewers from across the country will review and score applications 

  • June 27th – July 8th: Review committees meet and make decisions on recommendations  

  • July 11th- July 18th: Recommendations are reviewed, and grants approved by our leadership team 

  • August 5th: All applicants notified, and announcements made on social media    

  • Beginning August 15th: Funds will be disbursed upon receipt of contracts   

  • End of July 2023: Final Report from recipients due to Autism Speaks  

Please click here to create an account on our grant platform and apply. The application will remain open until Monday, May 16th. 

Are you interested in learning about our previously funded program? Visit the Autism Speaks Grants Database to search by category, state, or year! 


Do you know someone who is interested in becoming a grant reviewer? If so, please share our sign-up form with them!

**Reviewers cannot be employed by an organization that is applying for this grant.**