Autism Speaks Grantee Recipient Story: Mitchell’s Place Sensory and Occupational Therapy

Autism Speaks supports community programs that provide people with autism with fulfilling social and educational experiences through the Autism Speaks Local Impact Grant program

Mitchell’s Place Sensory and Occupational Therapy, a recipient of our Local Impact Grant, shared their story:

A young girl plays with her therapist on a blue mat

Lauren Comer, M.S., OTR/L shares: “The funding received for our sensory equipment at Southside has been so useful in our occupational therapy sessions.

The kiddos love to swing and jump on the crash pad, and it’s a great precursor to working hard at table time. The kids have been more motivated to engage with many of these newer toys, and it’s kept things fresh and fun so they have a better learning experience, while also targeting growth in fine motor and play skills!” One example of a kiddo enjoying the new equipment is Evie with her Occupational Therapist, Layne. 

Evie uses the swing, trampoline, crash pad, and rings. We are thankful for the support of Autism Speaks that helped us purchase some of this equipment so that Evie and other children can learn and unlock their greatest potential.

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