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Autism in the News - 01.03.12

Missing Autistic Texas Woman Found (Missouri City, Texas) Houston-area woman with a form of autism who evidently wandered away from her group home has been found unharmed. Read more. Quebec is failing families with autistic children (Canada) A year ago, when my 2-year-old son started showing symptoms of autism, I innocently believed he would be taken care of by our health system. A year later, he is still without a diagnosis in the public system. We are on long waiting lists like hundreds of other families. Read more. Autistic boy to Ron Paul: How will you protect me? (Sioux City, Iowa) During a Friday Ron Paul town hall meeting, a red-headed boy identifying himself as autistic and "almost" 10 asked the Texas congressman what he would do to protect kids with autism as president. Read more. Helping those with autism: One family's mission (Amarillo, Texas) An Amarillo family raising two autistic twin boys is hoping to shine the spotlight on the often hidden condition affecting children across the nation and right here in the Panhandle. Read more. Work woes for Dorset Asperger's patient (UK) For graduate Martin Hedley who has Asperger's syndrome being unemployed for the past 10 years is a situation he cannot understand. Read more. Autism Speaks’ daily blog “Autism in the News” is a mix of top news stories of the day. Autism Speaks does not vet the stories and the views contained therein do not necessarily reflect Autism Speaks beliefs or point of view.

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