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Boy with autism uses art to cope with bullying

This blog was written by Angie Campana, a mother to a son with autism.

Eric is 10, soon to be 11 in July, and was diagnosed with autism at 5 years old. Eric has been bullied at school because children see him differently, but Eric's focus is himself and his art. We tried to put him in an art class, but he refuses to go, because he would rather learn in his own way.

I created the page, Eric's Art Talent, for Eric to see that people love his art, for him to take pride in it, because he says it's not great. Eric doesn't know how to read or write, but he is great at his art. 

For all the moms that enjoy art, I made a page for my son Eric to share all his drawings. He started to express himself through his drawings, so during his classes, Eric learned how to draw. Eric wants to learn to draw on his own, not in an art class, so we decided to give him time. But Eric thinks that his drawing isn't good enough. I want all the help I can get to encourage him to keep it up, to make sure to remind him that he has a GREAT TALENT. 

If you're a mom that has a child with autism, you understand that sometimes it is better for your child to be alone, and take a change slowly.

No child should be bullied, ever. I think children with autism are special and smart, and we should celebrate their special talents.

See more of Eric's drawings here

It has been suggested that children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are especially vulnerable to bullying. Autism Speaks offers many resources to help parents, teachers and caregivers address this issue. Find a full list of anti-bullying resources here

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