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Teenager wins 'Everyday MVP Award' for spreading autism awareness

This guest post is by Lisa Youngblood who’s son Laque is on the autism spectrum.

Back in April, my son’s school did not prepare anything to educate the students about Autism Awareness Month. 

My son is 12, and was diagnosed last year with high spectrum autism/aspergers. He is mainstream in school with extra help, but after being bullied and harassed for many years he wanted the other middle school kids to know what autism is.

He went to the school principal and asked if he could read facts over the intercom during daily announcements.

I have a child normally shy, quite - but now he is standing up for educating his peers, and helping others. He explained, “Mom they say weird things to me ‘cause they don't know what autism is. “

My son was featured on the local news (WTNH New Haven News 8) on May 28 as their MVP of the Week.

We are active in our local YMCA Autism Support Group - leading advocates as Mom and son. My son is finding the joy in helping others, and making a stand for autism.

Great kid.

Want to spread awareness for autism at your school? Download our School Community Tool Kit here. You can help spread autism awareness by also lighting it up blue which you can learn more about here.

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