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Credit Suisse Holiday Initiative Raises $151,174 for Autism Speaks!

“You Choose. We match. They win.” This is the motto of their Holiday Charity Initiative. This past holiday season, Autism Speaks was selected to be a charity in an annual four week long employee giving campaign for Credit Suisse. Throughout four weeks, nationwide Credit Suisse’s employees were able to donate to over 40 charities of their choice. Many charity leaders within Credit Suisse took charge and helped shine a light on so many deserving causes. Additionally, there were employee driven and ran silent auctions, Olympic Day festivities and fundraising activities that helped raise funds during this program. At the end of every year, in conjunction with employee donations, the Credit Suisse Americas Foundation provides matching support for charitable contributions made by employees toward selecting causes and organizations. They matched every dollar! Since its launch in 2004 over $12 million have been raised for various charities.

On behalf of Autism Speaks and the more than 2 million individuals affected by autism, We THANK YOU Credit Suisse for your extraordinary efforts and passionate employees who dream big and lead for a cause!

To learn more about their 2014 Holiday Charity Initiative visit here

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