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Wandering in Adults with Autism

Today's Autism After 16 featured an article by Autism Speaks staffer, author, public speaker and autism advocate Kerry Magro on wandering in adults.

Wandering is currently a major concern and topic of discussion in the autism community. In a 2012 Interactive Autism Network study, 49% of parents reported that their child with autism has wandered from home. The majority of wandering cases we hear about in the media today involve children on the spectrum. But as Kerry wrote, "We need to make sure we don’t see wandering as a problem only in children."

"I’m passionate about this issue because I hope that one day our community doesn’t have to keep talking about the need for attention to be paid to autistic individuals who wander," Kerry continued. "Autism is a spectrum disorder where everyone has different ranges of ability. If someone with autism is missing, no matter the age, attention must be paid."

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