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Sesame Street’s Abby Cadabby On Lighting The World Blue

To kick off a new partnership between Sesame Workshop an Autism Speaks, Sesame Street’s Abby Cadabby joined Autism Speaks co-founders, Suzanne and Bob Wright, today at the start of World Autism Awareness Day to help light the Empire State Building blue. Today marks the fifth consecutive year Autism Speaks has lit global landmarks, buildings, businesses, and homes blue as part of its international autism awareness campaign: Light it Up Blue. We thought we’d ask Abby a couple questions about how important this day is to her.

It must be quite a thrill lighting up the Empire State Building.  A first for you?

Yes it’s so exciting! I’ve never lit up such a big building before.

What message would you like children and people worldwide to know about those who have autism?

Kids with autism are like all kids in many ways – they like to laugh and play too. They have friends in all of us.

Is blue your new favorite color?

I like all colors, and blue is definitely one of my favorites!

Thank you, Abby for talking with us.

The Sesame Workshop/Autism Speaks initiative, See Amazing in All Children,”  will aim to increase understanding, reduce stigma, and demonstrate the commonalities that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) share with all children. The Workshop will also develop tools and resources for families of children with ASD to help them reduce the stress of everyday routines, such as brushing teeth, getting dressed, trying a new food, or playing with other children. 

Learn how the world will Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness on April 2.

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