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A Restaurant Manager's Letter to a Family with a Child on the Spectrum

This post was written by Tony Posnanski, who founded the website Tony has been a restaurant manager for the past 15 years. He posted a letter on his site called ""To The Woman And Child Who Sat At Table Nine…" addressed to a mother and her daughter who is on the autism spectrum. In the letter he writes:

Photo licensed under CC 2.0. Rights reserved to Victor Casale

I started to walk to your table. You knew what I was going to ask. You saw the table I just spoke to pointing at you. I got to your table and you looked at me. You wanted the first word. You said…

“Do you know what it is like to have a child with Autism?”

I know what I was supposed to say when I went to your table. I was supposed to politely tell you to please not have your daughter yell. I was supposed to offer to move you to another area. I was supposed to offend you by not offending you…

I did not do any of that.

Instead I just told you I hoped your meal was awesome. I high fived your daughter and then I told you that your meal was on us tonight. It was only sixteen dollars. It meant more to me than that. I do not think the other guests I spoke to were happy about it. At that moment it did not matter to me.

You can read the full letter at here.

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