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A Bat Mitzvah Supporting My Brother

This guest post is from Arielle Wallenstein who's brother is on the autism spectrum. 

For my Bat Mitzvah I chose to raise money for Autism Speaks in support of my brother. I love my brother very much. He is really smart but sometimes has trouble expressing it. That is because he has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Amiel is a very special child but he needs extra help and therapies. He goes to a special school. Amiel makes a difference in my family’s life because he brings smiles to our faces and is so loving. He just turned two and this past summer went to a special camp with a friend of his, Eden, who has ML4 (Mucolipidosis Type IV, a neurological disorder).

I decided to raise money for both Autism Speaks and ML4 because I would love to see my brother and Eden be like every other kid. With the help of my parents I created a fundraising website with a video and pictures about my brother. I shared it with friends and family and let them know how much it meant if they could take the time to donate. So far, I have raised over $7,200 for Autism Speaks and nearly $1,500 for ML4. Every penny makes a difference in a child’s life.

I hope I can keep fundraising for my brother!

Arielle’s Bat Mitzvah was held in Atlanta on October 19, 2013. To learn more about Arielle’s fundraiser, you can find more information here

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