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Locating Device Suggestions from Our Community

Last week we asked for your feedback on Facebook about locating devices and other solutions that you believe would help prevent wandering in our community. We received some great feedback and wanted to share some of the most popular suggestions with everyone.

Here’s the question we shared on Facebook. You can view the post on Facebook here.

“We want to hear from YOU! Stories about wandering are far too common in the autism community. Some people use locating devices to keep their kids safe. 

Do you use any of the locating devices on the market? What would be important to you in a locating device? Tell us in the comments or email us at!”

Among the suggestions we received were…

·       Project Lifesaver

·       GPS Trackers (i.e a Pocket Finder GPS Locator)

·       Tracking Chips

·       Medical ID Bracelet’s

·       Putting alarms and hotel locks on all doors

·       An ankle monitor run by your local police office

·       A Service Dog



· A cell phone tracking service for teens and young adults

·       ETRAK Trackers

·       AwareAbouts ID’s

·       Censors on your doors at home. (Xfinity currently has a program)


·       Deadbolts on all doors in your house

·       GPS locator in the new smart watches now available.

·       iPad specific tracking applications

“Some families have turned to locating devices to help prevent and respond to wandering-related incidents involving their loved ones with autism,” said Lisa Goring, Autism Speaks vice president of family services. “We are thankful to all of those who provided their thoughts and ideas related to locating devices. This information will play an important role in Autism Speaks’ continued efforts to reduce the occurrence of wandering scares and unfortunate tragedies among the autism community.”

Wandering by children is common, dangerous and puts tremendous stress on families. To learn more on preventing wandering please check out our wandering resources here. If you have any other comments/questions on tracking devices you can email us at

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