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NYC Marathon Runner Inspired by Nephew

Christi Rauscher will run the grueling 26-mile ING New York City Marathon on Nov. 3 for Autism Speaks. Christi is an avid runner and when she crosses the finish line she will scratch the famous marathon off her bucket list.

When did you begin running? In 2009, I decided to get more active and started running small races locally. Running and exercising are great therapy for me.

What is your favorite run? Even though I run in my community several times a week and have lived here for almost 30 years, I still am awed by the beauty of the Outer Banks.

Have you participated in any other events for Autism Speaks, such as one of our walks? I ran Disney Half Marathon in 2011. This will be my second Autism Speaks run.

Who is your inspiration for running? Noah Henderson, my 11-year old nephew and his family are my inspiration for running for Autism Speaks. I also run for my nephew, Joseph Closson, who was killed in a car accident this Spring at the young age of 23. I also feel very blessed to be healthy and able to continue to run.

 Anything else you want add? Tell us more about where you live, your family, etc.! I am very blessed to have a loving, patient husband who stands by my side during training & fundraising season for these events. It definitely takes a great support system to make it all work!


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